T. Rick Collectine is a shady dealer, and the primary antagonist in The Quest for the Baseball Collectible.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Teresa Rick Collectine's past is mostly unknown, but she set up a very successful museum, which she named after herself. At one point, Collectine also bought an attack dog named Luthor, which she trained cruelly. She taught it to be vicious and only rewarded it for showing aggressive behavior. She lived solo, usually keeping Luthor at the store.

The Bambino OperationEdit

Conning Cheese Bing Edit

Shortly after Cheese and Ben departed, Collectine organized a press conference where she displayed the card, standing in the courtyard of her museum surrounded by cameramen. She insisted the card was especially valuable, since it came from the long-ago fallen Museum of Treasures. When asked what she would sell it for, Collectine insisted the card was too valuable to simply be labeled with a price tag. She intended to sell it at the Professional Gideon's Annual Sports and Collectibles Auction on October 17. The opening bid was to be 200, 000 dollars. In answer to the astonished reporters, Collectine said she expected she could get more than that, claiming it could be the rival of the only card that sold for over a million dollars.

A few minutes later, the press conference broke up under the watchful eye of Luthor, while Collectine returned to her desk. As soon as the media people had gone, she noticed Cheese returning to the museum, and told Luthor to allow him inside. Cheese had witnessed the broadcast and he was furious about her conning him. Collectine lied that it was a different card, and she had already sold Cheese's. When Cheese stared at her knowingly, Collectine continued, lamenting that the world "is a big fat scary place with people who will walk all over you if you give them half a chance," before telling him to learn from his mistake. She further gloated that she had won the "fight" for money, something everyone wanted as she saw it. Cheese warned she would not get away with her trickery. Feeling threatened, Collectine summoned Luthor, who burst inside and cornered Cheese against a display case. As it prepared to bite him, Collectine insisted that Cheese was only leaving the store.

Days of waiting Edit

Shortly afterwards, Collectine unbolted the safe and took it home with her. Upon arriving, she withdrew the card and hid it under her cabinet in a Ziploc bag. She also brought Luthor home in order to guard it.

Shortly afterwards, she appeared on a series of video clips advertising Gideon's Annual Sports Auction. The baseball card was the talk of the year's event; announcers called it "the most exciting find in the past half-century." One of the videos consisted of an excerpt from an interview with T. Rick Collectine. Smirking, she looked on while a conference table of experts "oohed and aahed over the card". Everyone agreed it was going to sell for a fortune. One woman asked why it was so cold (due to being hidden inside a turkey), and Collectine simply answered that the coldness represented the cold-hard cash it would bring in. Unbeknownst to her, her e-mails were being intercepted by Melissa.

Returning home from Collectine's Museum, T. Rick Collectine unlocked her door, stepped into the foyer, and keyed in the code that turned off her alarm. She bent over and picked up the mail that had been dropped through the slot. She was surprised to notice a blue-squared envelope with no address or stamp, which meant that someone had delivered it by hand. Without a second thought, she ripped open the envelope and pulled out a brightly opened card. It said she had been invited to the Rangers' hockey game on Thursday, since the original bearers of the card could not go. A ticket to the Rangers vs. Maple Leaves game was attached by a paperclip. A slow smile spread over Collectine's face, as she realized it was time to swindle millionaires at the game.

The Bambino disappears Edit

On the run Edit

Physical description Edit

Collectine is always seen in a black hoodie. She is underweight and has purple skin, as a result of indoor living.

Personality and traitsEdit

T. Rick Collectine is shady, dark, and deceptive. She has shown that it is not above her to swindle children for money. She was highly intelligent, as well as ambitious to the point of ruthlessness. Collectine was extremely self-centered and arrogant, but not unable to realize talent in others or admit defeat. She is also extremely condescending.