Suzie is a female supervillain, and the primary antagonist in the 2012 sequel to The Man Who Talked to the Wall.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Suzie was born in 2011 to a somewhat wealthy family. She was the only member of her family that did not require braces, surprising her family members. Her family was also decent to her. As a child, she wanted to become Roy Walltalker’s assistant, but Roy constantly rejected her. One night, as Roy was facing the criminal Laura Tye, Suzie showed up with a flight cape to help her. She flew off to get the police, not knowing that Tye had clipped a knife to her cape. Roy had to release Tye to save Suzie. Eventually, Roy was angry at the girl for meddling in his affairs and the police took her home. In a fit of rage, Suzie stopped idolizing Roy Walltalker and hated him for his actions.

Hating Roy Walltalker Edit

Eighteen years later, Suzie became a successful weapons designer. When Mr. Demonic NoHead went to find someone who posed a great threat to him, he time-warped into the future and pressured Suzie into joining him and the group of NoHeads that were with him. Suzie finally agreed to tag along, albeit nervously. They were on their way to the house when they encountered a trench that neutralized powers. Mr. Demonic NoHead immediately used an Extendable Bridge he carried with him for this very situation. The bridge latched to both sides. Suzie quietly congratulated him, and the hunting party was able to cross. As they began to cross it, however, they found a magician blocking them. While pretending to congratulate him for his triumph, the wizard schemed against him. He offered Mr. Demonic NoHead a gift for outsmarting him. Demonic, ever desiring more power, asked for a small contraption that would give him more power than anyone. Defeated, the magician handed over his metal tube. He then asked Suzie what she wanted. Suzie, who was still feeling very insecure, said she wished for something that could get her place-to-place on a whim. The magician then remembered what Merlin had told him to give when the mutants surfaced, and gave the group all three of the Arts, warning them to use them with care. Demonic seized the chance to kill the latter with it before finishing his trip. Mr. Demonic NoHead immediately used the metal tube to kill the enemy he had set off to destroy. This made Suzie very uncomfortable.

The Dark Lord then left Suzie in the house as he headed home, abandoning her now that the mission was over. Fortunately, Suzie could teleport to the front of the NoHead Base, where she spoke with Mr. Dire NoHead, who found her very charming. He finally helped her back to her day, 2023.

Pretending to be kind and innocent, Suzie sent for several superheroes to fight her battle robot: The Basketball series as part of her revenge against Roy Walltalker who refused Suzie’s help. All of them were killed by the battle robot and those that actually defeated it were killed by subsequent versions.

Attack on Suzie's Island Edit

Suzie deemed the prototype ready to fight her ex-idol and sent for him upon discovering his location. Roy, both eager to resume his police work and in need of money to support his family now that he is unemployed, accepted Suzie’s offer. When she greeted Roy aboard the Soulless Three, she told him she was over previous issues, and worked for the government now. She requested him to deactivate the allegedly defective Basketball 9000 on her island without destroying it, warning him that the robot will learn the longer that the battle goes on. She watched from a surveillance camera with her sidekick, Mr. Reno Tutu, as Roy succeeded in the task, surprising the vengeful villain.

She joined Roy at dinner that night, explaining away her “superior’s” absence as him liking anonymity, and explaining that she’s drawn to him due to an attraction to power (though in reality, Mr. Reno Tutu was her sidekick). The dinner was interrupted by the ghost of an angry policeman come to avenge his death. Suzie was prepared to make a quick escape, immediately Disapparating herself and Roy away from the danger. Suzie also showed great foresight and talent when she revealed a teleportation device and a small beaded purse on which she had packed several things. They arrived on a nearby island, where Suzie suggested they enter a café.

However, minutes later Suzie unknowingly triggered the Taboo that was placed on their names, and the duo were thus tracked down by Jeremiah Soule and Bryce Yearsley. After a brief but violent skirmish, the reinforcements were subdued, and Suzie modified their memories to throw them off balance. At Roy’s suggestion the three then made their way safely to Suzie’s base. Roy and Suzie stayed there for two days afterwards. While they were there, Mr. Reno Tutu told them that the guards at the base were safe. Afterwards, Roy returned home and Suzie returned to her affairs.

Two-month armisticeEdit

Soon after Roy Walltalker departed, Bryce Yearsley, whom was unaffected by Suzie's beam, brought Jeremiah back to Suzie's base. Suzie brought Jeremiah into an antechamber where the three of them could be alone. There she was able to free him of the ghost's possession, and Bryce sadly told her Jeremiah may be in this ward for life. This terrified Suzie, who began crying. Bryce agreed to do whatever he could to help Jeremiah. Still in tears, Suzie promised to do the same.

The following day, Suzie began contemplating the death of the Basketball 7000 and used details from a security recording to make the next one. The following morning, Suzie began the construction of a more powerful unit, x08, to replace the prototype that Roy had defeated.

Roy Walltalker's returnEdit

When Roy returned to Suzie's island, the robot defeated Roy and Suzie arrived, declaring herself to be Roy’s nemesis. Suzie, in a fit of rage, accidentally tossed Roy over a cliff with her artificial telekinesis, causing the hero to land in a river. After tossing a bomb into the water, Suzie sent a robot probe after him to confirm that he was dead. Roy managed to escape from the probe by hiding behind the corpse of a late hero and activist.

Roy Walltalker snuck into Suzie’s hideout and infiltrated her computer and discovered elements of Suzie’s plot. Unfortunately, due to a tracking device, Roy was caught and held in a high-security trap and torture device. When Suzie learned that an aircraft was coming to the island, she assumed her prisoner had sent reinforcements. When Roy denied any involvement, she sent missiles to destroy the plane, not knowing that it was in fact the Walltalker family. Even though the missiles hit their mark, the family survived and swam to the island. There, Janice Walltalker was able to break Roy out of Suzie’s prison. Meanwhile, Suzie launched a rocket carrying the highly capable Basketball 10000 to the city of Orem to wreck it, using an artificial cave as the exhaust tube for the rocket. Suzie then returned to the grounds and managed to recapture the family. However, when she arrived to defeat the robot, the Basketball 10000 (which had become self-aware like its predecessor before it) betrayed and outsmarted her, destroyed her freeze beams, and shot at her cape with a laser gun. With her rocket boots out of control, Suzie smashed into a building and was knocked unconscious. She remained unconscious during the Walltalkers’ battle and woke just as the robot was defeated spectacularly; destroying her plans of glory and revenge and infuriating her.

Death Edit

Her plans foiled, Suzie broke into the Walltalkers’ home and attempted to kidnap their baby, Jackson, to be her sidekick and protege, as she had been denied in her own youth. The family arrived just as she was preparing to leave, and she suspended them and slammed them into a table. She then began the trip to her hover jet. However, Reba intervened, ripping off Suzie’s newly-fixed cape and catching Jackson. Suzie got back on her jet and threatened to make another attempt on all five of them. However as Suzie laughed evilly, Roy fired a missile at the jet, blowing it up. This resulted in her death, ending her reign of terror on the Walltalkers and avenging the other supers she killed.

Physical description Edit

Suzie had a lot of bushy light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a bossy sort of voice that would become slightly shrill when she was angry. Suzie usually dressed in clothes that suited the occasion as well as her status, for example wearing a red dress to dinner and a leather jacket to work. She generally wore her pink, bright supersuit. Otherwise, she dressed casually. She was also the only member in her family who did not need braces.

During the dinner with Roy Walltalker, Suzie put in effort to look her best: her hair was sleek and shiny, and she wore a floaty, red dress that didn’t entirely cover her midriff, with matching high heels.

On most occasions, Suzie kept her hair long, and sometimes tied it back in a plait.

Suzie seems to have a problem regarding her weight. As a child, she was slender, but by the time Mr. Odious NoHead joined the NoHeads, she had become obese, weighing a good 98.7 kilograms. After her weight loss, she was slender again, only weighing 59 kilograms, but gradually began to gain weight again until she weighed 82 kilograms. She seemed to be slightly slimmer by the time of her second confrontation with Walltalker.

Personality and traits Edit

As a little girl, the child who would become evil aspired to become a police officer, partly out of a desire to help other people and partly to become famous. This goal led her to beg Roy Walltalker to hire her as a sidekick. Sadly, after Roy categorically refused to grant Suzie’s favor, Suzie returned home in disgrace and rejected the righteous path. She became embittered and eventually descended into megalomania.

Suzie is a technical genius, and even at an early age could create wondrous gadgets. After her dismissal at the hands of Roy Walltalker, and the dissolution of classical superheroes, the young woman turned her gifts towards evil, eventually murdering dozens of superheroes and police with her prototypes and various super weapons. Although she appears sane, she is a classical sociopath, caring not at all for the rules; and seeing it as her mission to make herself the world’s ultimate hero through trickery.

Aside from being bitter and sociopathic, Suzie was intensely sadistic, shown by how she taunted Mr. Walltalker with his family’s supposed death, and a second time when she gloated to the family on how he would steal away Jackson and turn him into a sidekick in a last-ditch attempt to spite Roy. Despite this, Suzie was capable of caring for a few people, and had a shockingly tender demeanor which appealed to several people she worked with.

Powers and abilities Edit

When Suzie was still at a young age, she was a gifted girl who specializes in technology engineering, as she was able to create her own flight cape at a young age.

While not having superpowers, Suzie’s high intellect made her a fierce opponent, her tactical skills and inventions proving to be more than enough to allow her to compete with the likes of Roy Walltalker. She was a formidable foe when it comes to building numerous advanced technology and weapons, as she was also capable of becoming a successful weapons designer.

Work Edit

Suzie had been working as a leader ever since the Captain of the Guard enlisted several men into her service. She primarily worked as a designer, however, and also monitored the construction of her prototypes. She would alert a guard while eating a chocolate bar, leave her bedroom, which she spent most of her time in, and ride in a pod that would immediate whisked away across its coaster, from where she ascended the elevator to the top of a tower. She stepped inside, went over to the front, sat down, and took off her shirt, revealing her bra. She would then order her guards to get to work while she sat back on a cushioned chair inside a tower overlooking the construction. She would wear skimpy clothes, eat junk food, and push a button so a can of soda ejected from the platform. She would then turn on the television and, once the show ended, tell the guards they were done for the day. She always ate lunch at Burger King.


Roy WalltalkerEdit

Mr. Walltalker

Roy Walltalker, Suzie's idol and later archenemy.

When Suzie was a girl, she idolized Roy Walltalker. She longed to be his assistant and occasionally went out of her way to impress him, to no avail. On the other hand, Roy thought she was reckless and somewhat obnoxious. After her exuberance got him in trouble with the law, Roy openly rejected her. This, coupled with other setbacks she suffered from police and superheroes, led her to become a supervillain and plot her revenge against Roy for dissing her so.

When Roy arrived to confront her robot prototype, Suzie showed no signs of past behavior and he was soon charmed by her. In turn, Suzie had temporarily abandoned her hatred for him, even saving his life when a ghost ambushed them.

However, Suzie’s seething hate for Roy returned to her over the next few months. After summoning him back to the island, a new robot attacked him and would have killed him if Suzie did not interfere and reveal her true motives. She attempted to kill him several times, but Roy survived the attempts and killed her, mostly in self-defense.

The WallEdit

Suzie only met the Wall once. It was present when Suzie attempted to kidnap Jackson, as it was assigned to guard the house. When she arrived, he told her to leave, or otherwise he would force her to. Suzie, however, peacefully assured him she was a replacement sitter for Jackson. The Wall and Suzie began to chat; the Wall, like many others, was hoodwinked by her charms, and did not realize Suzie’s intentions until it was too late and there was nothing he could do to stop her. The Walltalkers arrived, however, and were able to defeat her and rescue Jackson. Roy later told the Wall more about her.

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