Summer Jamie Thompson (nee Petersen) is the deuteragonist of the Boys vs. Girls trilogy and a supporting character in the Zachary Brown trilogy. She was the girlfriend and eventually wife of Steven Thompson, the mother of Tyson Jay Petersen, and the adopted sister of Valiera Nelson. She was once a lonesome computer nerd until she was recruited by the Armies of Organa under Steven to join in their fight against the Girl-Team.

She battled Lindsay Kellerman in Lindsay Kellerman vs. Summer Petersen.

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Origins Edit

Early years Edit

Mom: "I knew it. We've been spoiling her. I should have spent more time with her, teach Summer to get along better."
Dad: "Relax. There's nothing wrong with Summer. She's plenty smart, and once she figures out that she needs to work with others in this world she'll be fine.""
— Summer in preschool[src]

Summer Petersen was born in 1998 to two unnamed parents. As an infant, Petersen spent much of her time listening to those she spent a lot of time with. Her first word was "Da", and while people assumed it meant "dad", it was really an all-purpose word. As Petersen's vocabulary grew, she learned that talking had a purpose, leading to her speaking her first sentence: "Then take dat!"

In preschool, Petersen struggled with sharing and listening. While she was a quiet toddler, Petersen had a nasty habit of blurting out the endings of books she'd already heard prior to "story time". She also argued about many things, including what she thought the secondary colors should be called. During her first school conference, her teacher had concerns shared by her parents.

Tower Placement School Edit

In 2003, shortly before kindergarten, Petersen received a kitten for Christmas, whom she named Julius. It is unknown where Julius was in 2011.

The following year, she began attending Tower Placement School. Due to her intelligent and socially withdrawn nature, she was very successful in school, but had no friends as she isolated herself. This is the time she found her obsession with computers. Petersen mentioned to Steven Thompson that during her sixth birthday, her parents took her to an amusement park and she rode a roller coaster for the first time in her life. She also happened to meet Anakin and Jay Organa there. She also had a younger brother, Joshua, who liked to tease her.

In 2007, when she was only nine years of age, she built her own computer from a kit.

Physical appearance Edit

Summer Petersen was a very beautiful young woman. As a pre-teenager, she had a very slender build. Her hair was straight and raven-black, and usually covered the majority of her face. She wore a saggy, indigo-colored shirt on most occasions. Eventually her personality changed completely and she began wearing her hair back, using a hairband to keep it in place until her revival after the First Battle of Tower Placement. Her shirt was now yellow and had a collar and buttons on it. In addition, it was tighter around her torso and waist. In addition, she was no longer underweight; she was reaching an ideal weight and developing minimal amounts of muscle.

However, as a teenager, Summer became relatively soft and gained a lot of weight that resulted in her being portly as an adult. At this point, her hair was the same, though she now wore a white jacket over a plain blue T-shirt and she had a rather large gut. This was because she was no longer in action and her appetite was larger. Indeed, she had gained fifty-seven pounds between 2011 and 2021. Petersen had a very large gut and several people mistook her for being pregnant. However, she soon lost this extra weight during her duty as a crime fighter. She would lose this weight in 2040.

It was stated that due to her great beauty, Summer was perfectly capable of attracting a certain amount of attention from boys. In 2012, Cera Lewis stated that "a lot of boys like her", and that even Beion found her "good-looking", with the additional observation that Beion was very hard to please when it came to the physical appearance of women. Though Beion immediately objected to this accusation, it could still count as a testament of sorts to Summer's beauty. Sebiscuits Cardarphen also stated that she was very pretty during the S.M.S.B. Skyfighter Tournament.

As a younger teenager, Summer was 167 centimeters tall and weighed 52 kilograms. However, due to growth and weight gain, she was 179 centimeters and 122 kilograms by the time she was twenty years old. It is unknown how much she weighed in her forties.

Personality Edit

Summer Petersen was highly intelligent, cunning, and persistent, though she was also gloomy and uncertain. She was shy and socially withdrawn, and had a few self-esteem issues — preferring to hide behind her long hair rather than confidently display her smile. Things were tense at home as well. Because of these factors (along with Summer being at puberty age), she had become rather shy and insecure, and had few friends. However, she was on friendly terms with Steven Thompson, even inviting him over for dinner once. Summer also had something of a temper on her. Despite this, she was still eager to help Steven Thompson in the First and Second School Wars.

Ever since she attended preschool, she had trouble sharing and rarely spoke at all. When she was four, she had some rude tendencies and argued constantly. When her preschool teacher taught of the secondary colors, Summer insisted that purple should be called 'quentisin' and green should be called 'hariff', both of which were clearly made-up words. Her mother feared she was spoiled, but her father thought she had a lot of potential and there was nothing wrong with her.

However, this all changed when Steven accepted her as his best friend and taught her better social skills. Now she was optimistic and even braver than she was before. Eventually, other students saw her for what she truly was as well, and she had several more friends. Indeed, Anakin Organa gradually came to trust her with his life, considering her one of the Boy-Team's strongest fighters. However, she was still just as bookish and resilient as ever. Indeed, she had "a very comforting aura" about her and most people felt safe in her company. In both phases (elementary school and junior high), Summer had a sarcastic sense of humor that tended to turn offensive when she became angry or offended.

Summer was very bookish. Even when she was five years of age, she had a particular fondness for Roman culture, resulting in the name of her pet. During recess in elementary school, she usually sat on a bench and read. This also goes to show just how socially withdrawn she was. Her fondness for books continued after the First School War and possibly into adulthood.

Out of all her friends, Petersen appears to have the smallest ego. She has a lot of "lovable energy", but can usually keep her emotions in check. Undoubtedly she is incredibly fearless, as well as efficient and slightly stoic. She does not normally show any fear whatsoever in the face of any danger, even if it is a gigantic, man-eating demon. However, in 2012 she is shown to get emotional, when Steven hugs her passionately enough to lift her off her feet. She fears and actually tried to run from Helen McKeen, who intended to seduce her in late 2011.

Her fear appears a second time when she battles Emily Watson in their classroom, there is a visible look of terror on her face that has never been seen before, shows that her previous encounter with the Girl-Team mistress have marred her somewhat. In spite of this, when she recovered, she returned to the warfield without hesitation.

As a teenager, Summer was less active, and despite being wimpy and overweight, she still maintained some vestige of her prowess. As an adult, she had several of the same traits from her childhood — obsession with computer technology, devotion to schoolwork, and a highly intelligent demeanor. However, she wasn’t as resilient, and her dueling skills had worn down slightly due to going for several years without a real duel. She also had a bigger appetite. Before she would only eat half her meat; now she constantly got a third helping of everything. Ice cream was her favorite food, though it wasn’t before.[1]

Summer had tender feelings for Steven Thompson, having had a crush on him since she was ten. She was always happiest when he was around, though she was initially hesitant to trust him.

Andrew suspected that she harbored a romantic interest in Jay Organa, which she dismissed. The two of them appear to have a close friendship, as she helped him realize that his failure to kill Emily Watson was not his fault. Most importantly, she is haunted by her past and tries to make amends with that past, one day at a time. Her personality becomes increasingly more detailed with every month of the war. Her past is hinted at in very minute portions, and it is extremely hard to tell if anything she says is genuine.

Summer, because she does not tell much about herself and does not react emotionally to narrowly anything, is also extremely difficult to trust because her loyalty is always ambiguous to an extreme. She is very pragmatic, shown in Zira Miranda Grover's Palace, that she and her friends will not be incarcerated by the authorities because, chaotic and unpredictable or not, the Boy-Team will always be needed. Also, she is extremely goal-oriented, sacrificing her opinion for her efficiency when it came to completing a mission, making an effort not to make things too personal if she can avoid it and preferring to observe, calculate and deal with the facts of the mission, so that she doesn't become dissuaded by her own opinion.

Despite her limited training, she is shown to be just as formidable as any of the other members of the Boy-Team, as she is a gifted spy, trained in combat, weapons, and various other skills.[2] Reasonably easy to underestimate, Petersen likes to use her own weapon designs whenever possible.[3] However, she was not a warrior in her adulthood.[1]

Like Arcus, Summer loved music, especially pop. But Summer never tried to imagine herself as a musical celebrity, as she preferred to picture what it would be like to talk to the singers.[4]

Summer was also not one to let bygones be bygones. At best, she had a vengeful and at worst a spiteful streak towards those who did her wrong. This varied from wanting to murder/torture those whom had performed unforgivable acts like: Emily, or especially Zira Miranda Grover[1], to a desire for pettiness towards Charles and her own parents. Additionally, Summer is confirmed to suffer from a borderline personality disorder, exhibiting the following traits: Mood swings, a strong fear of change and emotional episodes that can make her violent and dangerous.[4]

Powers and abilities Edit

Power Box [5]
Power Box [6]
* Summer gained a lot of weight and was also more sexualized in the sequel, so she's out of shape but still a reasonably competent female warrior.

Summer Petersen was an incredible duelist, more than efficient in Form III. As a leader and fighter in the Boy-Team, she possessed great agility, balance, and strength. Her skills even allowed her to hold off Emily Watson on three occasions, though the latter was undoubtedly stronger.

Summer also possessed long fingers and strong hands, which she would employ in combat. In her adulthood, she would also employ them during her strenuous assignments as a revered computer technician. She would also employ this in massaging Zira Grover’s back while she was enslaved to her. However, she also admitted to herself that some of her strength was fueled by desperation and even hatred at times, as she remembered unconsciously drawing upon the Darkness to gain the sheer strength to pound out Zira Miranda Grover with a spear to the point of sadism.

In her later years, Summer lost some of her strength, agility, and strong grip due to being overweight and wimpy, and having a lack of practice. However, she maintained some vestige of her strength. When she was seventeen years old, she was able to fight B-490 on even terms and come out ahead. She would later prove able to strangle Zira to death aboard her limousine during the Battle at the Gargoyle Cave.[1]

Appearances Edit

Boys vs. Girls: The Coming Darkness Edit

In 2011, when Summer Petersen was in seventh grade, a child celebrity named Steven Thompson came to Tower Placement School. After a long morning of integers, Summer slumped down to lunch, her backpack in tow, and sat down at her usual table at the edge of the room, though she was sad that Steven would probably never talk to her. To her surprise, Steven joined her shortly after she seated herself. Steven knew from the start that she was beautiful and loving deep inside, leaving him skeptical to why no one else liked her. They had a friendly conversation and quickly became friends. Both of them hugged. But with his cheek braced against Summer’s shoulder, he could see Emily glaring at him in her rage. He asked Summer why this was, and Summer revealed the Thunderqueen was Emily’s mother, and Emily certainly wanted revenge for her destruction. Steven was appalled that he already had an archenemy.

First School War Edit

GT-1 BattleEdit

Before long the School War began, and Summer Petersen was a big part of it. Soon, she was captured along with Steven Thompson and Andrew Henderson. While being watched by the entire Girl-Team, all three faced girls armed with guns, and continually did all they could to fight back against them. but were able to escape them. Notably, Summer picked the back wire to her braces and used it to pick the locks on her chains, earning some admiration from Steven. In her own attempts, Summer was slashed across the back by Penny, but she managed to fight off the latter and shoot her with her own weapon. However, they were surrounded by every female 12th grader in the school. However, the newly-formed Boy-Team fleet, led by Anakin Organa attacked the army of girls gathering in the arena and the three escaped. Summer took up a blue lightsaber and fought the girls alongside Steven. Finally, they were airlifted out of the arena. The Boy-Team allowed all three of them to escape and fight in the ensuing battle.

Summer and Steven pursued Emily Watson, the mastermind of the Girl-Team and, unbeknownst to them, a mutant. They gave chase across the vast underground chamber, where she led them to a hangar. Once they caught up with Emily, Summer, against the better advice of her friend, foolishly charged the villain with a headstrong attitude. It was the outcast’s undoing: Emily unleashed her flamethrower on Summer, knocking the youth unconscious and leaving Steven to face Emily alone. Steven put up a valiant fight, however, his skills proved no match for the more powerful and experienced Emily, and he was soon incapacitated. As Summer recovered from the fire, she witnessed Emily raising her lightsaber to deliver the final blow against the fallen Steven.

Summer leaped into the path of Emily’s lightsaber, blocking it with her own, saving her best friend’s life in the process. Taking up the fallen Steven’s weapon, Summer unleashed a flurry of attacks, which caught Emily off guard at first. However, despite the tactical advantage the second blade granted, it was short-lived. Without any training, Summer’s use of two blades simply wasn’t good enough to pass through Emily’s guard, and the Sith eventually managed to destroy the blue blade, leaving Summer with only Steven’s green. At that point, Emily’s greater practice and experience with Vaapad allowed her to regain the upper hand, and, despite holding her own for much of the duel, Summer lost the battle to Emily. After being rescued by Anakin Organa, Summer and Steven were transported to Anakin’s house for healing.

Rescuing Eegan Edit

Steven Thompson and Summer Petersen were dispatched to find and rescue Empress Zira’s kidnapped son Eegan, whom scouts had located at a deadly dungeon. The success of their mission was vital to completing Anakin Organa’s negotiations with the monarch for her army’s help and shipping routes critical to the war effort. En route, Summer gave the troops an account of how she “saved” Steven from oncoming robot soldiers. Through Summer’s flying car, they flew to the dungeon where the baby was being held.

After securing the dungeons, Steven felt an aura of darkness nearby, worrying Summer. After dispatching a few robot soldiers, the pair found Eegan, who was found to be just a baby, and whom Summer thought was cute. Unfortunately, while trying to load the baby into a pack, a recording of their actions was taken by Helen McKeen. She transmitted the recording to Emily Watson to convince Zira that the Boy-Team had been the ones who kidnapped Eegan. Helen then went downstairs and confronted the pair.

While Steven engaged Helen in combat, Summer fought against the girls flanking their opponent. After disposing of them, Summer briefly joined the clash, until Steven told her to get Eegan to safety. While attempting to do this, Summer accidentally set off a death trap that ended Steven and Helen’s duel in a draw. All three escaped, and Summer met up with Steven soon after. Both returned to Summer’s car, and simultaneously realized the baby was sick.

Duel in MarylandEdit

Summer’s car arrived at Maryland, Zira Grover’s hometown, but the ship was shot down by robotic fighters. The team survived the crash and made their way to the Whitehouse. On the way, both Summer and Steven sensed a trap. At that moment, Emily showed up and insisted they surrender Eegan, before assaulting them with a torrent of lightning. After deflecting it, Summer and Steven once again engaged the young villainess in battle. Initially, the two used a combination of reckless and advanced techniques, catching Emily off-guard. Eventually, Emily pushed Summer off to the side to deal with Steven alone. While Steven drove Emily up the stairs to the front door of the Whitehouse, Summer dealt with the robotic fighters that Emily had brought to distract the two. However, once she did so, Emily immediately kicked Steven aside and strangled Summer, knocked her to the ground with lightning, and caused her to hit her head hard against the stone wall. This rendered Summer unconscious and injured.

When Summer awoke, she found a data pad that had fallen out of Emily’s speeder. She gave it to Steven, and together they managed to infiltrate the Whitehouse and deliver Eegan to his mother, Zira. However, Zira still believed the two were using her and ordered them killed. Luckily, Summer was able to show Zira the data pad, revealing that Emily Watson and Helen McKeen were responsible for Eegan’s kidnapping, and that they had done it to manipulate Zira into supporting their side. Once the truth was made known, Zira regretfully revealed that her forces were all stationed in Iran. Summer was disappointed, and playfully pointed out that on the bright side, Steven still had Summer herself. Zira agreed to do what she could for them, on the condition that they would bring Emily to justice. Summer promised that they would do what they could to help. Afterwards, Summer and Steven were picked up by Jay and Anakin Organa.

Duel With Helen Edit

Emily Watson had been attempting for a while to track down and capture Summer Petersen in order to turn the girl to the cause of the Girl-Team, believing Summer was much more powerful than she knew. One night, a few weeks after Eegan’s capture, Emily rigged an art party at Tower Placement. She then concocted a plan to lure Summer to her and destroy the Boy-Team. She hoped that the suffering of Summer’s allies would bring her to Tower Placement to aid them. When Steven walked by looking for the girls, Natalia Thornton ambushed Steven and stunned him with a projectile. When Steven woke up, he was escorted into a smoking pit inside an unused level. They trapped Steven inside, and the machine forced him into a coma. Now they planned to reset it for Summer. They knew she would come after Steven, but how she would find out they did not know.

As it happened, Summer called Steven and told him she’d decided to come (she had originally not wanted to attend). When she got no answer, she realized Steven was in trouble, and took off to Tower Placement in her modified car. Summer approached the school, unaware that the Girl-Team forces occupying the school had been tracking her progress since arriving at Tower Placement. She landed her craft without incident, and proceeded cautiously into the hallways. As she began to search for her friends, she encountered Ursula Blackham and a group of girls who were transporting Steven’s slumbering body away. Summer, hoping not to reveal her presence, quietly stalked the group for a short time until they disappeared from sight. As Summer prepared to continue through the school, Ursula suddenly reappeared and opened fire on Summer, who deflected the blasts with her lightsaber. After firing a few deterring blaster bolts, Ursula disengaged from her target. Summer, knowing they had Steven, immediately went after them. However, the robots flanking Ursula began shooting at Summer, who again took cover. When the robots broke off the fight, Summer attempted to follow them once again. Just as she passed through the door where Ursula had disappeared, it slammed shut behind her.

Making her way through the catwalks and elevators of the eighteenth floor, she eventually reached the darkened Sleeping Chamber. Suddenly, the chamber became illuminated, revealing Helen McKeen, standing atop a flight of steps to the walkway above. Helen taunted Summer, claiming that, while she was strong, she had not mastered anything yet. Striding up to the villainess, Summer ignited her lightsaber. Helen responded by calmly activating her own weapon, and the battle began.

Summer attacked first, opening with an overhand power attack to overwhelm Helen. However, Helen blocked the attack, resulting in a blade-lock which Helen broke by knocking Summer to the floor, but Summer quickly recovered. Summer then engaged in an aggressive series of attacks, driving her enemy back. However, Helen counterattacked, forcing Summer back to the head of the stairs. During a subsequent lull in the fight, Helen complimented Summer on her increased dueling proficiency, an assessment which Summer agreed with. Before she could strike, however, Helen disarmed Summer with a kick to the chest and then slashed at her, hoping to herd her towards the coma pit on the floor below. Summer dove away and rolled down to the chamber’s main platform. Helen leaped after her, backing Summer up to the edge of the pit. As Summer’s attention was focused on Helen, the general did not perceive Helen’s trap. Helen claimed that Summer’s destiny lied with her gender. As Summer denied this, Helen swung her weapon. Not realizing the pit was right behind her, Sumner backed right over the lip of the coma pit and fell into it. As Helen activated the chamber, she failed to notice that Summer had climbed out before the coma process could begin, and was clinging to the gas pipes above the pit.

Helen noticed her and bisected one of the hoses with her weapon, hoping to dislodge Summer. Summer then jumped down, grabbed a blanket, and threw it in Helen’s face. With Helen momentarily distracted, Summer recovered her lightsaber and slashed at Helen, only to have the villain block her blow. As the pair’s blades locked, Helen taunted Summer. She then broke the lock and attacked, but Summer managed to fend her off, leaping over an attack at her legs and flipping above Helen. Landing behind her enemy, Summer unleashed her own offense and drove Helen back towards the edge of the platform. However, Helen turned the tables and kicked Summer off the ledge. Summer thought she was done for, but a rising platform stopped her fall and brought her to the eighteenth floor.

Summer advanced down the empty corridor, until Helen reemerged from the shadows. Helen calmly raised her lightsaber, and stood her ground, as Summer haltingly advanced. The opponents faced off. Helen quickly lunged, engaging the youth in a brief bout of swordplay. As the two of them blade-locked, Summer cut a hole in the ground, causing Helen to fall several stories. Summer deactivated her blade and began to search for Steven. Meanwhile, Emily sent Steven’s sleeping form down a chute into the school’s furnace, but Summer found Steven in time and rescued him with the tow cable attached to her skyfighter. Emily climbed on her speeder and pursued, and Summer sped into a tunnel. Dodging laserfire, she outmaneuvered Emily and caused her to fall into vats of fuel. She then began to search for a way out, and upon seeing a door she rushed for it. Outside, she began the trip home, but was then chased by robotic fighters. The fighters followed Summer and opened fire. After a brief dogfight, the chase led into a forest. This proved to give Summer an advantage, who could easily maneuver around the trees. One fighter crashed into a tree and exploded, and the second spun out of control and careened into a tree. Summer flew into a cave, the third fighter close behind. Finally, it crashed into a stalactite. Relieved at her victory, Summer then landed a few meters away from the crash. Then she turned on her headlights and climbed out of her fighter. She thought it would be a good place to hide, and to think about what to do for Steven. Meanwhile, Emily sent out a few bombers to find Summer. Although they discovered the cave that was part of the forest, they passed it by.

Finally, Summer flew back to the school, with Steven’s sleeping form squeezed in next to her to avoid him being discovered. Luckily, none of the girls were there. Summer found a key that Helen had dropped and used it to unlock the classroom doors that held all the boys. With all the boys safe, Summer flew home with Steven and placed him on her bed. Then she went to get some ice. Once she returned, she stuck the ice behind Steven’s back, somehow waking him. Summer explained everything that happened that night. Steven realized that Tower Placement was no longer safe due to the ongoing School War.

Summer Surrenders Edit

Death and Rebirth Edit

Summer arrived at Tower Placement while Emily was taking on Steven and attempted to stop the former from hurting the latter. Steven, upon seeing Summer return, summoned up the strength to fight back while Summer rushed into Tower Placement and up an elevator. Arriving at the balcony, she called to Steven and reached out for him to take her hand. Just as Steven took ahold of Summer’s hand,

In the final battle of the war, Emily was able to wound Steven. This left her to fight Summer next. Enraged at the apparent murder of her boyfriend, Summer quickly charged at Emily. During an intense duel, Summer managed to kick Emily to the ground. However, Emily continued to fight the General, and pushed Summer over the edge of the roof they were on. Summer managed to survive by grabbing onto a balcony on the wall at the last moment, but Emily proceeded to slash the rim of the pit, showering sparks upon Summer in an attempt to caus a cave-in. Summer managed to calm herself. Then she pulled herself up hard, leaping into the air and flipping above Emily, grabbing Steven’s lightsaber as she did so. Landing in front of Emily, Summer slashed her through the waist, causing the villain to flinch in shock and pain as she was pushed over the roof. As Emily fell, she managed to run Summer through with her weapon. Emily’s body exploded at the bottom. Now conscious again, Steven then rushed to his girlfriend’s side. Summer finally disposed of Emily, but Emily fatally wounded her in the process.

The Girl-Team Robot CommanderEdit

Days after the School War, the Girl-Team Robot Commander, who was now leaderless, sought revenge against Summer Petersen for killing Emily. It also threatened to kill Helen McKeen for her disloyalty to the Girl-Team. However, Summer told the Girl-Team robot commander that she was its friend, which only led him to believe Helen had betrayed him. Summer bent down and opened the hatch into his wiring, where she saw the Robot Commander had been tampered with. Summer was able to talk the Robot Commander into letting her fix it. She then toggled a few switches to free it of rust, and when she stood up again, she was surprised that the Robot Commander had suddenly had a change of heart. Summer softly asked if he would stay with her now that the Girl-Team was destroyed, and he agreed. The kind, delicate, and soft-spoken Summer would eventually have a great impact on the Girl-Team Robot Commander. He even let Summer call him GTR, thinking it would not be as much of a mouthful for her. He helped her on several occasions, and in return, Summer would clean him every week. Her parents were skeptical of the robot’s motives at first, though in time they lovingly welcomed it as a member of their family. Both of them loved each other very much and were extremely defensive of each other. The Robot Commander even helped Summer when she wasn’t sure what to write next in her diary.

Second School WarEdit

By the time the Second School War had begun (two months after the Battle of Tower Placement), Summer Petersen did not participate at first. Five months later, it became obvious that Summer's skills had rusted to some degree. She was slightly out of shape and she had not been without a real battle for several months. Despite this, Summer finally took action and fought in the Second School War.

Summer fought in the Battle of Orem before escaping with the other Boy-Team generals. In the sky, their cruiser was pursued by several robotic fighters. While Helen was working on repairs, the ship drifted into a street. After they "lost" the fighters, the quartet flew straight towards the bridge of Natalia Thornton's personal capital ship, then hid on the back of the bridge. The ruse worked, with the Girl-Team unable to find the ship. Finally, Helen detached the cruiser, weaving around the tight gaps Helen knew the signals could not reach. Helen then decided to go to a nearby inn that her old friend was running, despite Summer's protests. Unknown to the group, however, the bounty hunter Xydarone had also hid her ship under the capitol ship, and followed them to the inn. There, they were captured by the war's ringleader Natalia Thornton as part of a trap. Although Summer managed to escape, Helen was captured by Natalia.

The Search for HelenEdit

Encounter with Prince ZaronEdit

The Girl-Team Robot Commander served as Summer Petersen’s bodyguard when he was not helping with the search for Helen McKeen. In 2016, Summer attempted to negotiate with the criminal super-organization Dark Nova for their aid in determining who had placed a bounty on Anakin Organa, traveling to Nevada in her flying car with the Robot Commander. The latter offered to drive, and Summer asked him if he was sure he was programmed with the ability to fly vehicles. When the Girl-Team Robot Commander claimed he could fly anything, Summer allowed him to drive and climbed into the passenger seat. When they arrived, Summer complimented the robot on his piloting skills. In order to get past Imperial security, Summer Petersen took the identity of Xydarone by "borrowing" a costume from a clothing store. They were then confronted by a robotic bounty hunter called B-490, and Summer demonstrated what remained of her lightsaber prowess by defeating him. The Robot Commander disguised as the robot. From there the two became guests of Dark Nova’s leader, Prince Zaron. Zaron attempted to seduce Summer, which made the already suspicious Girl-Team robot commander furious. Fortunately, the Girl-Team robot commander was able to remove Summer from the influence of Zaron’s mind-affecting pheromones. Summer distracted Zaron long enough to allow the Girl-Team robot commander to escape with the information that Zaron was the one behind the bounty on Anakin. Summer, however, temporarily became Zaron's slave girl.

The Girl-Team robot commander met up with Anakin, and together they formed a rescue party, along with Andrew Hendersen. They were able to break into Zaron’s palace through the sewers. There, they freed Summer, escaping in their cruiser and destroying Zaron’s palace in the process.

Rescuing Helen McKeen Edit

Upon discovering that Helen McKeen was being held captive in Zira’s Palace, Summer traveled duo with Anakin Organa to save her. They were confronted by Xydarone, who Summer was able to defeat. After entering the palace, she posed as the mercenary and entered into Zira’s throne room to find Xydarone’s room and go there. She played her role well, for Zira welcomed her with pride.

That night she freed Helen but Helen and Summer were caught by Zira. Helen was thrown into a cell, while Zira had better plans for her. To Summer’s discomfort, she hugged her. She was then forced into replacing Thomas as Zira’s favorite slave. The local tailor stripped her of her costume and put her slave costume on her. During this time she was forced to wear a tight dress and endure the humiliation of being a captive of the Empress. She was kept beside Zira on her large throne, kept on a metal leash. Several slaves warmed up to her company.

Summer’s spirits rose when Anakin returned to rescue everyone but were temporarily dashed when Zira tried to kill Anakin by putting him into the death pit. To her relief, Anakin killed the monster; however, Summer was hassled around by her furious mistress. Unlike her friends, Summer was to be kept alive and remain serving Zira. During the ride on Zira’s limo, she was made to drink a butterbeer and was kept close to the queen. After Anakin escaped once again and as Zira’s guards fell into the gargoyle, Summer made her move. To create a distraction, Summer danced suggestively in front of Zira. As everyone was too preoccupied to help Zira, Summer choked her with the very chain that held her captive, dealing with the monarch once and for all. Anakin then broke her chains and she joined him on the top deck of the limo. From there she pointed the deck gun at the car and swung away to safety with Anakin.

Marriage Edit

"Now the war has ended, and I’m trying to get back in the hang of things. Even though most of the damage has been fixed, it’s hard to forget the war we fought. I may never be the same again. I now have a boyfriend and a new appearance."
―Summer Petersen in 2014[src]

Two years after Helen McKeen's rescue, Summer Petersen moved away into her own home, her childhood over. About a week later, she received a job application as a computer technician. Two years later, she became engaged to Steven Thompson, her true love, in 2019. Shortly before their wedding, Steven paid Summer a visit, during which time she revealed what her new job was. Although Summer was gaining weight since the end of the war, the reasons for it was clear to her. She was not active and she seemed to crave sweets. Eventually she and Steven gave birth to a child, whom they named Tyson.

The S.M.S.B. Skyfighter TournamentEdit

In 2028, Summer Petersen attended the final of the second S.M.S.B. skyfighter tournament with Tyson and Steven. At the final proper, Summer wore a blue T-shirt, while Tyson wore green clothes in support of Lindsay Kellerman and Steven sported Baby Intelligence blue. During the event, Summer helped newspaper correspondent Melissa Vance, who was covering the match live. Tyson was applauded after Master Intelligence won the tournament. Melissa Vance reported that this was due to his "attention-craving" father's prompting. This provoked Summer, who was sitting near Melissa in the journalists' enclosure, to punch her mid-sentence.

Team of TerrorEdit

Six years later, Steven and Summer chose to join the Boy-Team in their crime-fighting squad, the Team of Terror. Before leaving, however, they had to get Tyson to safety. Fortunately, they found a boarding nursery that could also provide Tyson with his education. Summer told him this in person, and while he accepted the news, he seemed somewhat intimidating. As Steven and Summer packed their things, Summer realized that all her clothes she was not packing were dirty. As such, she had to wear a tank top that exposed her midriff while she packed, which embarrassed her. As she packed with Steven, she continued to complain about what they were doing for Tyson. Afterwards, they climbed into the car, where Tyson pointed out that he found a pink shirt in the car. After they arrived at the station, Summer put it on gratefully. Climbing out, they proceeded to escort Tyson to the train, which was waiting for him, and Summer made sure he had his things. After giving her and Steven a hug, Tyson headed onto the train as planned. Just then, she saw Cindy Lewis and realized she was more accepting of Summer and cared for her very much. Cindy was excited to see her again, even calling her “beautiful.”

Afterwards, Steven and Summer went to T2 Quarters, where they met with Anakin Organa. It took all of Jay's self-control to stop from throwing up when he saw her.

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Mythological allegory Edit

The Hunger Games Edit

Summer Petersen draws multiple parallels to Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games, both of them are generous, kind teenagers with a lot of hidden strengths. She ends up being part of a love triangle between Steven Thompson and Helen McKeen and ultimately winds up with Thompson, just like Mellark, who is chosen by Katniss Everdeen over Gale Hawthorne. Both of them are repeatedly described as charming and likable. It's generally agreed that Petersen and Mellark are "badass", and that Summer and Peeta give their lovers, who are also the protagonists, "a run for [their] money in the coolness category". Both of them fight alongside the protagonist until the end and are an inexplicable comfort to them after their respective wars (the School War and the District 13 Rebellion). Petersen and Mellark also help the protagonists defeat the trilogy's main antagonists after fighting them both separately more than once; Thompson and Petersen bring down Emily Watson, and Everdeen and Mellark bring down Cato. They are both portrayed as adults in their respective series' epilogues.

Mulan and Mulan II Edit

Summer Petersen draws multiple parallels to Fa Mulan from Mulan and Mulan II, both of them are socially awkward teenage loners who willingly go to war (the wars against Shan Yu and Emily Watson) for a very noble cause, in spite of being young, inexperienced, and part of a virtually all-mens' organization. Both of them are very easy to underestimate (Mulan because the Chinese were prejudiced against women in her day, and Petersen because of her social status), but they win the favor of several men in their ranks, who all come to value their lives.

Both of them have similar relationships with their commanding officer: their introductions to each other are very awkward (“I didn't ask for his name, I asked for yours!” “Um, weren't you listening? I hope you're not always like this.”), their commanders train them but they still don't exactly get along, even though it's implied but unproven that Mulan and Petersen have had a crush on them this whole time. They finally earn their trust after a great battle (the Massacre of the Huns and the Attack on Tower Placement) and their commanders, who are Li Shang and Steven Thompson, have realized by the end of the story that they reciprocate both girls' feelings. During the sequels, they begin bonding with their ex-commanders and, despite some awkward tensions, they slowly but surely fall in love and arrange to be married.

Both of them are extremely intelligent and are capable of coming up with effective battle strategies, and both of them kill the main antagonist (Yu and Watson), a death followed by an explosion, after the villains try and fail to cut them down with a particularly powerful sword. Both of them are slightly unhinged though actually very intelligent and generally considered to be strangely attractive by several people.

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