The School War (2011-12) was the name given to the major conflict fought between the boys and girls of Tower Placement School. The war was named after the school nearly everyone involved attended. These armies, combined with replicas of boys and Girl-Team robots, were two of the largest ever pitted against each other in world history, and the fighting between them rapidly spread to other states of the U.S.

Beginning with the First Battle of Tower Placement, both sides scored significant victories over the other, and at different times during the war either seemed likely to triumph. The first year of the war saw both sides skirmish with and raid each other, while fighting a handful of significant battles and trying to gain allies as they built up their respective war industries. A series of defeats in the war’s second year culminated in a major strike on the Bow-Tie, and the Boy-Team gained traction when they destroyed it. In an effort to reverse the course of the war, Emily had all the boys framed and put under police custody. However, the boys backfired this and launched a massive strike on GT-2, the new Girl-Team base. Much of the Girl-Team forces were lost, the others retreated, and their Head of State Emily Watson was killed in a vicious duel. Beethoven II was killed as well in the same battle. This, coupled with Helen McKeen’s betrayal and the complete destruction of GT-2, brought an end to the fighting. At the time, it was the largest world conflict to date.

As most involved warriors knew, the conflict was started, maintained, and eventually ended by Emily Watson, whose ultimate goal was to take over the school as well as eradicate of the Boy-Team for previous setbacks.


The Boy TrapEdit

Several years after the construction of Tower Placement School, Emily Watson attended the school. For many reasons, she had come to despise the entire male gender. A particular peeve for her was when they got physically hyper and went in a rapid rush around the classroom on two occasions. She thought girls were smarter and more polite, but was unsure how to prove this. The next day, during recess, Emily just sat on the bench, her head down. She wouldn’t even play with Helen, her best friend. Finally, she let Beethoven II talk to her. He was the only boy Emily appreciated and respected. Emily knew he would understand when she explained why she was distressed. Beethoven suggested they build a trap, happy to help because he wanted to shun all the boys who had dissed him while drawing in the other gender. Emily told Beethoven she loved the idea and then the bell rang. They both knew where to finish - the next Girls’ Secret Meeting. She also thought their leader, Helen McKeen, would “go crazy about a plan like this.”

At 2 AM that night, the secret meeting began. The girls sat in a massive, elaborate room with a ring of chairs surrounding a central platform. The meeting had come to order. Helen stood at the center of the room on a high platform supported by a tall pole. It reached just about halfway to the ceiling Helen presented Emily Watson, who would introduce the meeting. Emily swung to the central platform on a rope, to which she could stand next to Helen. She then reminded the girls about setbacks boys had caused them, and said there was a wonderful solution. She then introduced the motion to build the trap. Helen asked Beethoven to verify his suggestion, then promised Emily they would have order soon. She then made her their leader and announced the news. She pointed out there was a science fair coming up, and it would be the perfect time, as well as the deadline.

The very next day, a child celebrity named Steven Thompson came to Tower Placement School. When Steven stepped out of the car, the first people he saw were Emily and Beethoven. They introduced themselves, and lied about needing to collect a stuent fee of 20 dollars. However, Steven saw through their lies and Helen told them to leave. She then introduced herself to Steven, and said he would love it there. She also explained several rules to him and told him about Anakin and Jay Organa. Mr. Danny, the homeroom teacher, was also delighted. After a long morning of integers, Steven filled his lunch tray, but didn’t know who to sit with. He was suspicious of Helen, and he didn’t trust Emily or Beethoven at all. He prepared to search out Anakin and Jay when he found Summer Petersen sitting by herself sadly. He sat over with her instead. Steven knew from the start that she was beautiful and loving deep inside, leaving him skeptical to why no one else liked her. They had a friendly conversation and became friends. Summer also told him about Emily Watson. Both of them hugged. But with his cheek braced against Summer’s shoulder, he could see Emily glaring at him in her rage. He asked Summer why this was, and Summer revealed the Thunderqueen was Emily’s mother, and Emily certainly wanted revenge for her destruction. Steven was appalled that he already had an archenemy.

Although Steven was there, Emily knew he posed no threat to their secretive work. All the girls came up with designs, but Helen actually worked at it. All the girls presented their traps to their new leader, but Helen’s was chosen. Thus began the process. Helen’s homemade robots worked on it along with all the girls. Helen and Emily stood on a tower that they had made to oversee the construction. Helen also revealed to Emily that she had installed a melatonin packet in the central tube that was simultaneously being installed.

After P.E., the assembly began. Emily and Helen sat toward the front. Emily was so emotional that she could hardly hear the announcements. Helen was excited as well, but she was also patient. Once on stage, Emily quickly hammered a large sign saying Girls Rule. Emily then announced that girls were the smarter gender and were more polite. She told the boys to come and prove her wrong if they dared to. Andrew Hendersen was chosen. He stepped up to the trap’s starting line as Helen did one last technology check.

Beethoven pulled a lever, and the tile that Andrew was standing on shot upward, sending Andrew flying through the air. He landed in the tunnel, which was hung to the ceiling by a strong wire. Melatonin gas consumed him from both sides. Before he could recover, the tunnel dropped him onto a tower and just barely righted himself as a robotic, red-eyed replica of a black wolf attacked. When the wolf threw a spear, Andrew caught it and threw it back at the wolf. A direct hit! Electricity surged everywhere as the wolf fell off the tower. As Andrew stopped to catch his breath, a robotic replica of a 30-foot monster emerged. It worked its legs at Andrew, intent on crushing him. Andrew dodged them all, trying to size up the situation, when he noticed loads of candy inside the tower. Even amid a duel, he dove inside and began eating the candy. This proved it, because Andrew had displayed a severe lack of focus and discipline.

As Emily announced her point to be proved, Steven pointed out it was a comparison - meaning the boys were supposedly retarded, but nothing proved the girls were not. After reconfiguring the controls to her advantage, Emily allowed herself to be pushed into the tube. As only she and Helen knew, no melatonin came out before Emily engaged the monster. After a brief duel, Emily lunged at her opponent, kicking him off the tower. Knowing they would be disliked by everyone, the boys decided to orchestrate their own plan. To do this, they arranged a secret meeting that night.

The RevolutionEdit

Every boy in the whole school attended the meeting. To all appearances, they were inside a vacant, wooden house, but inside it was luxurious and similar to the Girl-Team meeting place. Several boys, including Cody Ort and Jay Organa, began to complain about their situation. Finally, Micheal Watson (Emily’s sister) stepped up and suggested they take revenge on the girls and ruin their lives in turn. The crowd’s reactions were varied in agreement. Their leader, Anakin Organa, approved, but insisted they use no violence, only verbal abuse. He also made Steven Thompson their leader. With a strong handshake, the boys had a new leader and a new plan.

Everyone headed outside to make plans and report in. However, before they could separate, they noticed Summer Petersen. Assuming Summer was a spy for Emily, all the boys minus Steven cornered her against a tree. Steven demanded they step back, then asked Summer what she was doing. Summer looked up at Steven, and was able to calm herself. She explained she was on a walk, and that she did not at all agree with Emily. Steven asked her if she wanted to help them, and Summer happily agreed.

And thus did the boys execute their plan. They left out all the girls in their games, manipulated their friends, and insulted them. As for Beethoven, Jay stopped him on the slide and offered to splash him with vinegar, remarking he had to be hot in his “snobby clothes.” When Beethoven refused, Jay called him picky and insulted his greasy hair, recommending he wash it. After calling Beethoven an ugly git concerning his appearance, Jay “dismissed” him and made one last rude remark. As for Helen, she opened her locker only to find Anakin dressed as a ghost. It scared Helen motionless, prompting Anakin to taunt her, who then emptied the locker.

Emily was saved for last. As she walked out from lunch, she was stopped by Steven, Summer, Anakin, and Jay, who were all sitting on a bench. They all held up zero signs in front of her with mocking expressions, saying the signs were iconic to her persona. Emily growled and trembled in anger. In response, Anakin called her a baby and offered her a pacifier. Emily lunged at Steven, but Steven slammed her into a fence. Realizing this was not the time, and not badly hurt, Emily left in anger.

At midnight, Emily called an emergency meeting. She managed to convince the girls, who were growing increasingly desperate, that if the Boy Trap could not stop them, then only murder would. Helen was reluctant, but she agreed. The girls roared with applause. Emily and Helen agreed to build weapons for them. A few days later, Emily attacked Steven with her flamethrower after he accidentally spilled his lunch on her. Steven backed away in retreat, dodging several attacks from Emily as the entire older half of the school looked on. When he made for the fire extinguisher, Helen pushed him away from his target. As Emily continued her barrage, Steven dove under a table and crawled across its underside, but Emily ultimately cornered him. When she attempted to kill Summer Petersen and Anakin and Jay Organa for interfering, the tables (literally) turned and Steven found the strength to fight back, throwing Emily against the ceiling and then through a wall. Emily returned with greater fury than before. Anakin tossed Steven his lightsaber (which was charged at low power) and Steven used it to incapacitate Emily. The fight ended when the principal took them to detention and briefly confiscated Anakin’s lightsaber. However, she was not aware that any other weapons were used.

After the fight, Steven rallied all the boys to a secret meeting through use of notes, and also recruited Summer. Inside the Boys’ Meeting Room, Steven discussed the flame thrower attack. He warned them that Emily was committing an act of war, and led an attempt to prepare and defend themselves. As leader, he assigned jobs for them. For instance, Anakin and Jay built weapons for them, Andrew Hendersen was the lieutenant, and Summer was made Steven’s aide. When the meeting ended, all the boys had a place in the defense.


The Battle of GT-1 BaseEdit

The Battle of Tower Placement was the first battle of the School War. The battle occurred after Girl-Team forces captured Steven Thompson, Summer Petersen, and Andrew Hendersen and charged them with attempted murder. All three of them were sentenced to death. A strike team led by Jay Organa stormed the arena where the prisoners were to be killed. Under Anakin Organa’s command, others dropped from the sky in newly created gunships. Managing to rescue the prisoners from the arena, the boys engaged the Girl-Team army in the base’s corridors, in order to prevent their escape.

Emily Watson, after the battle lost, took the plans for the Girl-Team’s Ultimate Weapon and fled to a secret hangar. Intercepted by Steven Thompson and Summer Petersen, she managed to best them both with her new lightsaber. However, Anakin Organa intercepted her. Emily assaulted Anakin with her flamethrower, but Anakin retaliated with a Force Push. Emily attempted to flee, but Anakin cut her off and the pair ignited their lightsabers. Their battle raged through the office, and spilled out into the Girls’ Meeting Room. Eventually, Anakin jumped to a chair above them and hurled seats at Emily, but the Girl-Team leader dodged the projectiles and knocked Anakin onto a lower chair before disarming him. Anakin was forced to utilize tutaminis to absorb Emily’s lightning, and then the orb of energy exploded, sending both of them flying. Anakin managed to grasp the edge of the chair, but Emily fell onto the ground far below. Battered and weary, Emily knew she did not stand a chance, and chose to retreat.

Traveling to her house, Emily Watson met with Helen McKeen. It seemed clear to the two villains that, while the Battle of Tower Placement was a defeat, it was but the first move in a much larger game.

Rescue of Eegan GroverEdit

Steven Thompson and Anakin Organa, and the new addition of Summer Petersen, battled the Girl-Team General Helen McKeen’s thousand-strong army when they attempted to destroy the Boys’ bedrooms and were eventually able to capture Helen and preserve the rooms, with help from reinforcements under the command of Jay Organa. While all of this was going on, however, Emily Watson set her own plan into motion to sway Empress Zira Miranda Grover to the Girl-Team side. She first had Helen capture Eegan, the son of Zira, and when Steven and Summer went to rescue Eegan at the prison where he was being held, Emily deceived Zira into believing that the Boy-Team had in fact kidnapped her son. Furthermore, Helen was sent to kill the baby and blame the boys for the crime so that Zira would take revenge on the boys, at which point she would be betrayed by her guards in disgust, leaving her powerless.

However, Steven and Summer dueled Helen in the prison, and were able to prevent her from retrieving Eegan and ultimately forced her to retreat. As Steven and Summer traveled to Maryland to return Rotta to his mother, Cindy Lewis barged in on Jay Organa while he was at the playground and they dueled in an alleyway, with Jay finally defeating her. Steven and Summer, meanwhile, were shot down over Washington D.C. by Emily’s forces, but after battling Emily herself, respectively, Steven and Summer were able to reach Zira’s Palace and exposed the Girls’ plot. While Emily escaped Zira’s wrath, the monarch regretfully revealed that her armies were all preoccupied with a different war in Europe. For a time, she became allied to the Boy-Team.

Emily Watson’s TrapEdit

Soon after Eegan’s rescue, there was a school art party, and all the boys attended, not knowing it was a trap. When they arrived, Emily emerged, along with the other members of the Girl-Team. The boys advanced on her, but she effortlessly incapacitated her attackers with Helen McKeen’s help. Ultimately, the boys were outnumbered and imprisoned.

Emily stopped Helen and said she had something special for Steven. (Summer had not attended the party.) When Steven walked by looking for the girls, Natalia Thornton stunned Steven with a projectile. When Steven woke, he found himself in cords with Emily and Helen escorting him into a smoking, metal pit inside an unused level. They trapped Steven inside. A storm of smoke and sparks emerged, and when they cleared, Steven was in a coma. Now they planned to reset it for Summer, whom Emily knew would come and investigate. However, they did not know how she would find out.

As it happened, Summer called up Steven and got no answer from her slumbering boyfriend. She felt his peril, and as a result she flew her modified car to Tower Placement School. She landed her craft without incident, and proceeded cautiously into the city. As she began to search for her friends, she encountered Ursula transporting Steven’s slumbering body. As Summer prepared to continue through the school, Ursula appeared and opened fire on Summer, who dodged the blasts, prompting Ursula to disengage. Summer followed her. Just as she passed through the door, it slammed shut behind her. Making her way through the catwalks and elevators, she eventually reached the Sleeping Chamber. Suddenly, she noticed Helen standing on the walkway above. Striding up to the villain, Summer ignited her lightsaber. Helen did the same, and the battle began.

Summer attacked first, engaging in an aggressive series of attacks and managed to drive Helen back. However, Helen soon counter-attacked, forcing Summer back and finally depriving her of her lightsaber with a quick flourish. Helen then slashed at Summer, herding her towards the coma pit. Summer rolled down the stairs to a platform. Helen backed Summer up to the edge of the pit and forced her inside. As Helen activated the chamber, she did not notice that Summer had leaped away before the process could begin, and was clinging to a pipe. When she noticed, she bisected the hose. Summer jumped down and recovered her sword before resuming the duel. Summer managed to drive Helen back and kick her in the abdomen. Unable to counter this, Helen toppled off the side. Summer searched for her, and found her in the facility’s processing vane. The subsequent bout ended when Summer suddenly cut a ring under Helen, causing her to fall down through it and past the structure holding up the building. Summer casually deactivated her blade, ready to find Steven.

Meanwhile, Emily retrieved Steven’s cart from the robots and hauled it upstairs toward the school furnace. After opening the furnace door, Emily threw the bed down a slide. However, it landed on Summer’s fighter. Summer’s skyfighter revealed itself, with the cart hooked to a thick tow cable. She then dove into a tunnel with Emily in pursuit. Emily opened fire on Summer, who dodged and maneuvered her quarry out of the tunnel and into a pool. Helen climbed out of the hole Summer had cut. Then she saw Summer escaping with Steven and ordered three robotic fighters to follow her. The fighters did so and then attacked. Soon, the chase led into a forest. Here, two fighters crashed and exploded. Summer flew into a cave, the third fighter still in pursuit. Finally, it crashed into a stalactite. Relieved, Summer landed inside the cave. Deciding to hide here, Summer exited her fighter. Emily sent a few bombers to find Summer, but they failed in their objective.

Finally, Summer flew back to the school, with Steven’s sleeping form squeezed in next to her for good measure. Howevet, none of the girls were there. Summer found a key and used it to free all the boys. With the boys safe, Summer flew home with Steven and placed him on her bed. Then she used ice therapy to wake him; she then explained everything that happened that night. Steven realized that Tower Placement was no longer safe due to the ongoing war.

Summer Petersen’s MissionEdit

Even amid the war, life went on, and Steven Thompson and Summer Petersen were still a couple. It was through working with Summer that Steven finally found out why he was her only friend. It was because she had bad social skills, and Steven agreed to teach her, and in turn Summer taught Steven more about technology. During one such lesson, Steven assigned Summer to breach Emily’s computer files in the underground base. Summer went there and used her lightsaber to get ahold of a pod in order to enter the compound. As soon as she was deeper inside the base, she sabotaged a map that revealed that the computer files were behind the arena, guarded by a wall of lava. Summer rushed across the hall and to her designation. She stood in front of the falls, not knowing how to open it. Suddenly, the falls opened and robots came pouring in. Summer ignited her lightsaber and fought back until a cannonball fired from behind the wall and sent her flying across the hallway and over the balcony overlooking the arena. Summer managed to cling on the balcony’s edge and climb back up, where she could spy on the robots, who were searching for her “corpse”, with no success. As the robots filed out, Summer rushed in the opposite direction and left the base. As she returned home she struggled to make out what happened. Although she had failed, she did reveal that the underground base was abandoned, though it was patrolled it to make sure the boys did not take it. Steven thought they had something else in mind. Summer’s next assignment was larger - to act as a double agent for the Girl-Team and uncover their secrets. The next day, Summer pretended to pledge herself to Emily Watson.

Destruction of the Bow-TieEdit

It wasn’t long before the boys found out about the Bow-Tie. Because Steven knew a counterattack had to be prepared, he called the Boys together to discuss his plan. They prepared a group of skyfighters to penetrate the station’s superlaser, and hopefully the entire station. He hoped the Boy-Team bombers could outmaneuver it and bomb the spherical center. They hoped to destroy Emily Watson and Helen McKeen in the process. After explaining the full plan, the boys filed out toward their ships and took off. Soon the Bow-Tie was in range. Inside the Bow-Tie, Natalia Thorton contacted Emily Watson and Helen McKeen and told her of the assault. Confidently, Emily told her to let them come. Helen warned her not to underestimate Steven, only to be rebuffed. Emily firmly believed Steven would underestimate them.

The Boys engaged enemy fighters as the Girl-Team generals looked on. Most of the Girl-Team fighters zoomed past the fleet, but Jay managed to blow up one of them. As they neared the ship, the turbolaser cannons opened fire, killing Robert Angel and clipping Steven’s wing. Spinning out of control, his ship spiraled into the base. The remaining fighters launched their torpedoes. Explosions began to rupture the Bow-Tie’s center. Helen fired another superlaser, but to no avail as another explosion tore at the hull. Natalia reported the loss of the superlaser and shield generator to an outraged Helen. Summer reported to the others and they opened fire on the unshielded station. Meanwhile, Steven dismounted and made for an elevator. Suddenly, the elevator screeched to a halt, forcing Steven to climb out. There, Emily confronted him and they began to duel. The lightsaber duel led Steven and Emily into the observation tower next door. Soon, Steven disarmed Emily and seized the advantage. He offered her anonymity if she would surrender. Emily claimed Steven’s victory was not to last. Summer contacted him and said that while the boys had destroyed the Bow-Tie’s shield generator, the ship’s hull was too strong for their laser cannons, meaning they would have to destroy it from the inside. Leaving Emily behind, Steven rushed to help.

Summer was waiting when Steven arrived. The ships had stopped firing on the Bow-Tie. Summer told him they would plant bombs in the main control center, causing a chain reaction. Their Plan B would involve taking the controls and driving the Bow-Tie into space. There, the Bow-Tie would freeze and crack. Before they left, Summer told Andrew Hendersen and Micheal Watson to go after them if they did not return in the next 45 minutes. Both children obliged. With that, Steven and Summer boarded their fighters and flew to the mildly disabled Bow-Tie. They entered the battle station without effort, taking down several guards as they proceeded for the higher levels. They headed onto a tower. Emily saw this via camera and chose to fight Steven personally. Summoning a group of robots, Emily departed and ordered Helen to stay there. Emily quickly found Steven, without Summer, just as her quarry neared the control station. Hordes of robots poured in and fired, chasing Steven away. Emily pursued, and the chase rendered Steven cornered against a bridge. After a brief duel, Emily tortured Steven. Steven recoiled as Emily held him at bladepoint.

Just then, Micheal showed up and rescued Steven. Emily turned and engaged Micheal. The two viciously battled into the main office. Driving Emily back, Micheal steered the battle towards the window, which was shattered by their whirling blades. Bringing the duel to the ledge of the windowsill above the drop of the cityscape, Micheal defeated Emily with a kick to the face, which caused her to drop her saber into the streets below. Micheal had Emily cornered but the fight was not over. Emily attempted to electrocute Micheal, but to no avail, and Helen arrived to intervene. Helen believed that if Emily died, any chance of peace would be lost. She told Micheal that peace was the answer, but Micheal determined that Helen was wrong and moved to strike the villain. Helen ignited her lightsaber and severed the latter’s sword hand which fell out of the Bow-Tie, leaving him defenseless against Emily. As Micheal realized he had been too focused on Emily, Emily unleashed her rage, blasting raw dark side energy through Micheal’s body. Just then, Andrew rushed in, but Emily slammed Micheal’s body into Andrew, knocking them both toward the door. Andrew was horrified at his imminent death. Struggling for breath, Micheal, who knew too well what was coming, said there was nothing Andrew could do for him. With his last breaths, Micheal foresaw that Helen would betray Emily. With that, his head fell backward and he died. Andrew began to cry, but then the alarm brought him to focus.

Meanwhile, Summer had redirected the controls so the Bow-Tie would spiral into space. It was set to rocket upward in 10 minutes. Because of this, sirens were activated. Getting to her feet, Emily took Helen with her and they took off in her ship. During this, Summer grabbed Steven and rushed for their ships. Just as they were about to get on board, Andrew caught up to them and rode with Summer. Together, they took off for the nearest Boy-Team ship. Inside weapons designer Robert Iego greeted them warmly and they flew to the main ship. Just as they neared the ship, two enormous booster jets ignited from below the Bow-Tie, sending it rocketing into space.

When Robert walked Steven, Summer, and Andrew inside, Andrew revealed that Michael Watson was dead. Although Summer thought the battle marked the end of the war, it did not. Anakin told her that Emily, Helen, and Beethoven II all survived, as did many girls who weren’t at the battle.

Helen RepentsEdit

The night after the Bow-Tie’s destruction, Helen was lying on her bed, thinking with the covers off. She wandered if she really fought for her side, or if Micheal was right about Emily deliberately misguiding her. She realized, then, that Emily was out for revenge, not order. She knew Emily needed to pay. She got out of bed and left to Steven’s house. Her parents were both asleep. She came there to find many boys - and Summer with them - celebrating their victory. Finally, she sighed and knocked. Summer answered the door and asked what brought Helen there. A moment later, the boys were all on her, menacing an innocent spy for the second time. Summer and Steven stood in front of the pack. Helen took a step back and insisted she had changed. Helen explained why she was against the girls now, leaving several Boy-Team members skeptical. Anakin didn’t doubt she was telling the truth and revealed Denim Spikes had also “seen the light.” Denim stepped into the room and greeted Helen. Helen turned to Steven and bowed, pledging herself to her true allegiance. Steven accepted her help. Helen said she had a plan, in which she would assemble the girls at Emily’s mansion to dispose of them with Denim’s help. Then, they planned to “deal with” Emily Watson, who they knew would call for a more serious confrontation.

When Steven approved, Helen quickly called Ursula. When Ursula answered, Helen asked her to assemble as many girls as possible at Emily’s house. When Ursula asked her why, Helen said it was for a secret meeting. Helen hung up the phone, then told Denim it was time to act. Ursula brought 90 percent of the generals. Helen and Denim took a Boy-Team fighter to the Bow-Tie. The girls assumed that Helen and Emily were coming for a secret meeting in which Emily was unavailable. Instead, she viciously slaughtered every single one of them without remorse. Those killed were: Ursula Blackham and Rune Haako, with their aide Rute Gunnay, San Hill, Wat Tambor, Jennifer, Kira and her aide Cat Miin, Passel Argente and his aide Denaria Kee, and Po Nudo and his aide. Ursula Blackham was the last to be killed – she begged for peace, but Helen still cut her down. As she surveyed the carnage, Emily arrived and quickly hinted Helen had turned. Both ignited their lightsabers and began a fierce battle in which Emily generally had the advantage, driving Helen back with her vicious frenzy.

Fighting along the catwalks and corridors within the station, the two combatants entered the control room. Eventually, a blast of lightning from Emily knocked both duelists into opposite walls. Emily leaped at Helen, and their misdirected weapons slammed into a console for the facility’s shields, exposing the the Bow-Tie’s right end to the intense heat of the now loose electricity. Vats of lightning spurted from the ground. Emily renewed her attack, though Helen retreated through the open portal. Attempting to rally, Helen leaped backward onto a pipe; retreating along it as Emily pursued. Finally, Helen leaped off the pipe onto one of the collection arms below them, and Emily followed. Emily seized the offense, viciously driving Helen back.

Meanwhile, Denim arrived to disable the turbolasers, but was intercepted by Beethoven II. Denim ignited his lightsaber, and Beethoven pulled out his twin pistols and opened fire. As Denim deflected Beethoven’s gunfire, the villain ignited his jetpack and blasted away before lunging back at Denim, who knocked Beethoven to the ground and disarmed him. As the two engaged in hand-to-hand combat, Denim noticed his lightsaber close by and went for it, but Beethoven bound the traitor with a whip, yanking him away and across the platform. Denim managed to break free and destroy Beethoven’s jetpack. He kicked Beethoven overboard, but he fell down the platform as well. Beethoven activated a grappling tool and used it to stop his fall. Denim slid past and began to freefall down towards the ground, but he managed to attach the cord to a pole. Beethoven crawled to the top of the platform and boarded his ship. Meanwhile, Denim reentered the station and saw Beethoven’s ship was already lifting off, so he recovered his lightsaber and threw a homing beacon onto the ship’s hull. Denim then pursued Beethoven in his own fighter through the city. When he leaped on Beethoven’s fighter, however, he was shot and killed.

As the duel continued, Helen swung out away from the arm and landed on a small platform. Emily leaped onto a robot and resumed attack. After another bout of bladework, Helen attempted to reason with Emily one last time, with no success. As they began another flurry of swordplay, the platform neared a ramp, allowing Helen to disengage and leap to the higher ground. Emily leaped at Helen, but Helen severed three of Emily’s limbs. Dropping her lightsaber, Emily rolled to the edge of the ramp. Helen left Emily behind. She escaped an attack from Beethoven, she was picked up by Summer Petersen and Jay Organa. The rescuers brought Helen back to her home. Emily was rescued by Beethoven, who took her to a medical station and outfitted Emily with artificial legs and a mechanical hand. Afterwards, she claimed complete ownership of the Bow-Tie, and sent a call telling all the girls that Helen had turned.

Further StrugglesEdit

Even with Helen McKeen defected, the School War continued. Beethoven’s increasing intelligence and Summer’s unintentional support were major factors to blame. Emily had built a new base, hidden within Tower Placement, to replace the Bow-Tie after it was destroyed. Several inner struggles took place between Helen’s repentance and the end of the war, but generals found it difficult to track the war’s history during such an ominous and empty period any further than one major event mentioned below.

Andrew’s KidnappingEdit

Eventually, the Girl-Team fleet under Emily Watson and Summer Petersen launched a siege of Andrew’s home, terrifying his parents. In response, the Boy-Team deployed its forces against the Girl-Team. As the battle raged in the sky and on the ground, Summer kidnapped Andrew. Realizing that they had been lured away from Tower Placement, Steven Thompson and Helen McKeen made their way back to the capital world with the Open Circle Fleet to join in the attempt to rescue Andrew. Boarding GT-2, they made their way through the ship to where Andrew was being held.

However, before they could escape they were met by Emily Watson, who once again faced off against the two. The trio fought their way into the Generator Complex and into a labyrinth of catwalks. Emily split the two apart after Helen was forced over the ledge. Steven forced Emily toward a hall with laser fields. By the time Helen caught up to the two combatants, she was kept back by the laser barriers. When the barriers opened, Helen did not catch up in time. This left Steven to duel Emily alone. Steven struggled against Emily, who eventually stabbed him, but in the wrong place. The fields soon switched off, and Helen lashed out at Emily. After another bout of swordplay, Helen disarmed Emily. As such, Emily chose to flee. Emily mounted her speeder bike, sped out of the generator and raced towards the docking platform where her private ship waited. Helen pursued on her own speeder, but lost her lightsaber in the process. As Helen caught up, Emily attacked with a staff. Helen managed to grab the weapon, and when Emily attempted to retake it, she pulled Helen onto her bike. When they arrived on the platform, they fell off the bike, which skidded off the platform and fell into the pit nearby.

The two opponents recovered quickly, Helen brandishing the staff against the blaster-wielding Emily. Disarming the mutant, Helen assaulted Emily. Emily fought back and engaged her in a melee. Emily threw Helen across the platform, with Helen barely managing to grab onto the edge. Emily retrieved the staff and advanced on Helen to deliver the killing blow. However, Helen reached for Emily’s blaster. Blasting aside Emily’s weapon, Helen seized the advantage and held her enemy at gunpoint. Emily, however, managed to escape. Steven, Helen, and Andrew were later recaptured by Summer Petersen, but Summer secretly let them go free.

The end of the warEdit

Prison BreakEdit

After schoolteacher Mr. Danny left the classroom he was teaching, Beethovrn attempted to kill Helen. This led to a heated battle in the class. Hoping to defeat the boys, Emily Watson tried to cut down Steven Thompson. However, Summer Petersen retaliated and blocked the attack. Emily immediately realized Summer had been pretending to help the Girl-Team the whole time. As Emily and Summer clashed, Steven took notice. Summer was viciously driven back, barely able to protect herself. Despite her efforts, Summer simply could not find an opening. Helen shouted that Mr. Danny was returning. Disengaging from the villain, Summer hastily hid her weapon, as did everyone else. The teacher, Mr. Danny, arrived at the scene and saw a blast and a tiny fire in the wall. He shouted at them to stop fighting, to which Emily responded by blasting him aside with lightning and rushing to the office, where she used her powers to subdue the women at the desk. Then she made a phone call to the police, telling them the boys were trying to murder them due to a “science project.”

With the exception of Helen, the entire Boy- Team was arrested. Eventually, Summer Petersen got an idea that allowed her to acquire the keys and help the boys escape their cells. After reclaiming their weapons, the boys were halted by the entire army of guards. They engaged them in battle, and eventually came out ahead. The boys immediately departed for Tower Placement, though Jay Organa and Summer were locked up again. After meeting up with new Boy-Team general Helen McKeen, the boys planned an ambush on the girls. They then headed to the Girl-Team base, which was located in Tower Placement School.

Final BattleEdit

The boys arrived for a surprise attack, and hid in the shadows. However, Emily Watson had anticipated this and sent out the entire army. The boys stormed the halls; the ensuing battle resulted in the deaths of many girls and the Girl-Team general, Beethoven II. Emily deserted the fight in pursuit of Steven. The girls were overwhelmed by mere numbers; the boys ultimately held the upper hand. Although the boys suffered losses, the girls suffered many more. Eventually, Helen signaled for a cessation of the fight, and offered the chance to surrender. Terrified, the girls immediately fleed the school for a seemingly permanent time.

During the battle, Anakin and Jay boarded their skyfighters. Returning to Tower Placement, the brothers assaulted GT-2. Both set to engage the robotic fighters. Anakin and Jay knew the base would be destroyed only if they could enter it through one of the hangars and reach the main reactor. At that point, turbolaser cannons were deployed and took out Jay. Horrified, Anakin moved in close to engage the school. Eventually, Anakin’s wing was clipped, and he landed in the base’s hangar, his fighter overheated. After his skyfighter rebooted, he deliberately launched a pair of torpedoes into the main reactor. The reactor explosion caused by Anakin created a massive explosion that ripped the base apart. A relieved Anakin quickly escaped through the main hangar. This process made a giant explosion on the floor the base was built on.

Meanwhile, Emily searched for Steven, and found him in the gym. After a brief firefight, Steven was blasted through the roof and onto the near edge. Emily went after Steven, then began to bash him around. At this point, Steven took up his lightsaber and fought back. Emily’s rage exploded; she attacked relentlessly, driving Steven back. She continued to hammer Steven viciously until Steven was disarmed. She prepared to kill him, but Steven lunged forward, knocking Emily over and disarming her, beginning a vicious brawl. When Steven rushed at Emily, Emily slammed him away and into a skyfighter, but Steven was able to get free. He hit the ground hard, only to be flung across the roof. Finally, Steven managed to restrain Emily. Having arrived at the balcony, Summer called to Steven and reached out to him. However, just as Steven reached her, Emily ran her lightsaber across Steven’s back, causing Steven to fall unconscious.

A moment later, Anakin showed up, who had just finished his mission. He fired at Emily, but Emily deflected the attack and destroyed the fighter. Overcome with hatred, Summer charged to avenge her boyfriend. However, Emily remained in control and pushed Summer off the roof. The girl clung for her life on a balcony. As the Girl-Team leader tried to dislodge her, Summer managed to calm herself. She then summersaulted out of the pit and swung her weapon against Emily’s waist. After falling off the roof, the villainess exploded in a release of energy.


After Emily’s death, Steven quickly recovered and grabbed ahold of an injured Summer. Unfortunately, the weak Summer died in Steven’s arms. At the same moment, the corpses of Anakin and Jay Organa made contact. As Steven sobbed over Summer’s death, shimmering beams of light fell; Summer’s body floated into the air, and mended any wounds before she returned from the dead. Although confused, Steven returned Summer’s affectionate hug, which subsequently mended damage done to the school and revived several fallen members of the Boy-Team. As a result, the war came with little loss for the boys. The School War had ended, the Girl-Team had been neutralized, and in its place stood a new era of peace.

Afterwards, the boys held a celebration in their base several nights after the battle. During the party, Steven revealed that several fallen boys were actually replicas of the real students. As the celebration continued, Andrew confessed his love for Helen, who finally revealed she returned his affections. Afterwards, Summer Petersen kept a journal depicting events during and after the war. She also spent much time catching up on missing assignments. Although most of the boys thought of an excuse not to do the same, Helen and Steven did not.

Major changes occurred in the fabric of Tower Placement School. The school underwent a major cleanup that canceled school for several weeks. Any girls who attempted to foil this were arrested and charged with treason. The boys resolved to discard their weapons in a safe place, and even Anakin and Jay found very little use for them. The war machines of the Boy-Team were retired and stored in various places.

The assets of the Girl-Team were frozen ultimately and brought under the Boy-Team’s direct control and administration. With Emily Watson dead, General Cindy Lewis signed a treaty with the Boy-Team at gunpoint, surrendering to their cause. This treaty was opposed by fellow member Lisa Perry, who led a resistance against the boys until her defeat at the hands of Ammon Grant.

Though Steven declared an end to the School War, in truth a number of Girl-Team holdouts remained that the Boy-Team would have to deal with throughout the next decade. Some Girl-Team forces escaped death and, led by veteran Natalia Thornton, fought on against the boys. Pockets of Girl-Team members collected in the old Foundry of the Girls. The majority of these holdouts would be dealt with by 2017 with the Minor Male Conquest, though the surviving Amelia Carter attempted to continue the Girl-Team cause possibly as late as 2017. As the last leader of the remaining Girl-Team forces, she attempted to churn out the robot army in the underground base. She was quickly foiled and arrested, however, by Thomas Samders at the Battle of the Bases, and the last real influence of the Girl-Team was eliminated.

The School War, as the largest conflict ever during its day, still had consequences that lasted through the ages. It resulted in a distrust of mutants by many, in the devastation of many homes, and weakening the nation.

Civilian PerceptionEdit

There were few people who knew about the war, and the ones who did know were too afraid to mention it. Civilians such as Mr. Danny were appalled to put an end to it, but before he could, Emily Watson, still intent on killing Steven Thompson, knocked him unconscious and erased his memories. However, such a large and destructive conflict could not go entirely unnoticed, and several troops were confronted, leading to several memory wipes performed by Jay Organa and Emily Watson on both sides.

Behind the scenesEdit

The School War was first mentioned in Boys vs. Girls - Part 1, when no mention of the war past the first battle was made until the sequel, which nearly was not finished, much less published. In this book, no mention was made about what they actually were. Another early concept for the revelation of the war was an iconic quote from General Anakin Organa (he himself was named after “Star Wars” characters Anakin Skywalker and Leia Organa, though it was pronounced differently). Originally, steak knives were going to be used as primary weapons instead of lightsabers. This changed after a collaboration to dissolve any plotholes in the story.

From 2012 to 2018, the School War era was one of the largest wars in history, and the only one fought between children (that is, until the Second NoHead War in 2019). An official timeline was developed to make sure no time gaps overlapped or went overboard, less than a month before the production of the book. However, it was changed at the last minute for events that would not fit otherwise (such as the enigma between Helen’s reformation and Andrew’s kidnapping). A definitive timeline has yet to be released. It was also revealed that a Second School War took place, though none of it was on-screen. This was led by Natalia Thornton after Emily Watson was gone.

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