A Satine Hawkins dance was a special type of organized dancing event in a school setting in which girls asked boys to the dance, considered a reversal of the normal order. In 199 BBY, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant once hosted one of these dances for its adolescent s tudents.


199 BBY Edit

The dance was announced as a student social activity by Lackbar, a Mon Calamari female served as a librarian of the Jedi Archives and who also instructed students in public speaking. Held at the beginning of the school year, in 199 BBY, the dance was considered unusual in that girl students were expected to ask boy students to be their dates to the dance, whereas normally the reverse was practiced.

Ronald Potter’s attendance Edit

Ronald Potter was excited by the dance and helped his friend Bill Reggan, who was serving as dance’s disc jockey, to carry equipment. Once Ronald actually understood the dance, however, he found himself wishing that his crush, Annabeth Skywalker, would ask him to dance and as such spent most of the dance wandering around, getting drinks and generally standing by himself. He finally located Annabeth, but at that point Bill Reggan announced that the dance was over before he had realized it. While Bill seemed pleased with the results, Ronald looked angry when Bill commented on how great the dance was.

Other events Edit

During the dance, Ronald’s friend Ammon Kendels danced with June and Annabeth Skywalker remained by herself, occasionally mingling with other students, as the Sith Lord Darth Vadermort’s possession of her had already made her feel incredibly insecure. The Jedi instructors Kitnum and Mr. Maulpres shared a dance, though Mr. Maulpres, a notoriously stern Zabrak, seemed reluctant to dance with the Wookiee at first. Tegan Courtney also did dances for other students, and her date was Silva.

Behind The ScenesEdit

The name of the dance is an obvious wordplay on the tradition of the real-life Sadie Hawkins dance in schools in which girl students invite male students, as well as the name “Satine,” the first name of the duchess Satine Kryze.


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