Ronald Jean Potter was a male Human Jedi Knight born and raised on the desert planet of Tatooine as a farmer. Rejected from Pilot Academy, his entire life changed when he learned that he was strong in the Force and received an invitation to attend the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a Youngling. While at school, Ronald became best friends with Ammon Kendels and Annabeth Skywalker. He became even better known in his early years for taking down Darth Vadermort and saving Annabeth from Darth Vadermort's ghost and his apprentice, Darth Tenebrous, though the second event led to the return of Darth Vadermort and the subsequent outbreak of the Dark Revolution. During the Battle of the Jedi Temple he confronted Darth Vadermort and defeated him once and for all. After the war, Ronald continued training as a Padawan Learner, began hunting for Tenebrous, and became a successful Jedi Knight. It is likely he married Annabeth Skywalker when the two were adults though this is never confirmed.

Ronald is also the main protagonist of the titular series.

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Ronald Potter was an extremely brave, loyal, and selfless person who possessed tremendous strength of character. He willingly went to what he truly believed to be his death because he believed that this was the only way to defeat the Dark Lord of the Sith. On the other hand, Ronald was extremely naive and clumsy, though many would say he eventually outgrew these traits by the time the Battle of the Jedi Temple was fought. Generally, he quickly developed into a very strong-willed and mature person. Ronald was also unafraid to stand up for himself, though he did not always speak up for himself, or for others, at first.

Ronald was perfectly prepared to put his friends’ needs and best interests first, shown by how he refused Vadermort’s offer to become a pilot and join him thinking of them before any other odds, told Annabeth of his intentions to go to the Jedi Temple though he was expected any minute, and helped Ammon Kendels and Annabeth through their exams to ensure they would become successful Jedi. The amount of trust that Ronald put into his friends was so strong that he absolutely refused to consider that any of them would betray him. The closeness that he felt for many was great enough for him to behave violently if any of them were harmed.

However, Ronald was also accused of being arrogant, and could be hot-tempered and impulsive. Ronald was extremely naive, stumbling and tripping over everything and constantly getting into blunders throughout his three years at school. He was also sarcastic and though he was generally an informal and extroverted person, Ronald could act very formal and serious when pushed into it. He also had a wisecracking yet sarcastic sense of humor. Ronald was also marked by what Darth Vadermort once deemed a “weakness for heroics” — he would go to great lengths and take great risks in order to help others, particularly his loved ones. Ronald was prone to moodiness during his adolescence, though this is likely the result of the great emotional stress and trials he endured during this period.

Ronald’s greatest strength was his ability to feel love. Ronald was extremely loyal to and protective of his loved ones and that love was what allowed him to overcome Darth Vadermort. Yoda noted that Ronald’s strength of will at resisting the temptation of the dark side, even when granted a direct path to his dream, was due to Ronald’s ability to love. Ronald even claimed that he felt sorry for Darth Vadermort because of his inability to feel or understand love. Also, Ronald was unfailingly kind and compassionate. He was not a cruel person and he never wished anyone harm. Although he occasionally initiated duels, Ronald usually fought in self-defense. However, this did have its limits, such as when Ronald suggested ditching Draco Goyle (an enemy) when he was briefly immobilized on Hoth.

Ronald possessed an instinctual, intuitive intelligence that allowed him to make intellectual leaps, as opposed to the logical intelligence of Annabeth. Ronald also tended to attribute intellectual curiosity, usually putting forth effort into his school work. He was also highly dependent. Notably, Ronald had very good and usually right instincts. He had a strong awareness of the incalculable power of certain acts. Ronald possessed a tremendous eyesight as well, he was able to see small, blurry writing on a wall while no one else (besides Ammon Kendels) could.

Although he never sought power himself and would be content with a normal life, when a situation required him to step up he would do so. This was never more evident than when he, Ammon, and Annabeth discovered Darth Vadermort’s attempt to bring the Sith back to power. Ronald has shown not-inconsiderable leadership abilities, as he never sought power for himself but simply had to assume the mantle of leadership due to circumstances beyond his control and found in the process that he did it well.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"You have to line the batteries so they all focus the energy into one, and make sure your crystal is blue and has...done in less than three years of use."
―Ronald explains his knowledge of lightsabers to Plitch[src]
Ronald was discovered relatively late in life to have a powerful ability to draw upon the Force. Identified as a force-sensitive by Jedi Grand Master Yoda and Principal Antilles, he was invited to attend the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he quickly learned to draw upon the power of the Force. Though Ronald had trouble learning to trust the Force at first, he proved eventually be a powerful adept at the skill of telekinesis. He also learned skills in lightsaber combat, which even allowed him to hold his own against the great and powerful Darth Vadermort with only a year of training. In addition, he learned how to draw upon the Force to see visions of the present and future, which is how he learned Mr. Kendels was in grave peril when Darth Vadermort captured him, and also how he learned about Vladamir, Vadermort’s snake. In addition to his incredible Force skills, Ronald proved an able student when it came to the school’s more general curriculum in areas such as physics and home economics. Ronald was also a talented artist, having begun drawing at the age of four. He published a series of comics known as Jawa Pilot that proved extremely popular with his fellow students at the academy. He is also a good pilot, as flying real starfighters in space had always been his passion.

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Ronald Potter and the Jedi Holocron Edit

Acceptance letter Edit

Ronald Potter lived on Tatooine with his mother, father, younger brother Oliver Potter and older brother Gregory Potter. In elementary school, Ronald and his class flew in simulators, and Ronald was one of the top scores. Ronald’s father was a graduate of Pilot Academy and Gregory followed in his footsteps. Ronald had every expectation of doing so as well and therefore felt himself “doomed” when he received a rejection letter from Galactic Republic Senator Tarkin, with Tatooine Agriculture Academy as a recommended alternate school. Ronald despaired of this fate, both because it would not involve flying in space and because every plant he touched seemed to turn to dust.

Things changed dramatically for Ronald when, the next day, he received a letter from Principal Antilles of Coruscant Jedi Temple, inviting him to attend. The letter was accompanied with a note from Jedi Grand Master Yoda stating that the Force was strong in Ronald and it would be good to teach him. The letter came as a complete surprise, as it was highly unusual for anyone Ronald’s age to begin training as a Jedi. Still, Ronald was tentatively excited as he knew, amongst other things, that Jedi get to use some sort of “laser sword.”


Ronald in his first year.

First semester Edit

Upon his arrival at the Jedi Temple, Ronald Potter felt as if he did not fit in, placed amongst students who had been using the Force and capable of feats such as levitating suitcases to the tops of their bunks using only the Force. He also had to deal with obstacles such as bullying students and arriving late to class due to having his watch set to Tatooine time. Despite this, Ronald soon made a couple of close friends, Bill Reggan, Ammon Kendels, and Eegan Reich, and began drawing Jawa Pilot comics for the school newspaper, and achieved good marks in most of his courses, save Basic Lifting with the Force with Master Yoda and the Wookiee Kitnum’s Physical Education course. He also developed a crush on a female student, Annabeth Skywalker. Heading into spring break, Ronald didn’t feel any closer to becoming a Jedi.

Second semester Edit

Following spring break, Ronald and his fellow students began attending a number of new courses, including Master Yoda’s lecture on the Principles of the Force, as well as a study of Early Mandalorian Poetry with Librarian Lackbar and Advanced Lightsaber Dueling with Mr. Maulpres. He joined a Lightsaber Fencing Tournament, but continued to struggle greatly with lifting objects in the Force. At the tournament, Ronald caused a spectacle when he accidentally turned off Severus’ lightsaber during his duel with Ammon. Many believed this to be cheating, though Ronald had done it accidentally using the Force. Ronald’s final days of the school year were tainted with a widespread reputation of his being a cheater.

Investigating the Sith Edit

Lonelier than ever, Ronald began walking around outside to pass the time. However, his second trip proved to be a near disaster. As he came across a wanted poster, he noticed Darth Vadermort lurking nearby. The hooded Vadermort immediately turned to face Ronald. Surprised and frightened, Ronald immediately fell to his knees and was soon cornered. However, Mr. Maulpres, who had previously sensed the danger, ignited his lightsaber and charged at Darth Vadermort, scaring him away. The Sith fled in his airspeeder.

Realizing how dangerous it would be to let Ronald stay in Coruscant’s underlevels, Mr. Maulpres guided him away. On the way, Ronald asked why he had saved him, and Mr. Maulpres merely replied that being annoying and deserving to die were not the same thing. When they arrived, Mr. Maulpres instructed Ronald to remain in his dormatory, and to not tell anyone what had happened. Unbeknownst to him, Ronald defied both orders by telling Annabeth and Ammon in the common room. He also apologized to Ammon.

Later that night, Ronald made his way to the Jedi Temple Libraries, which were closed, while most of the teachers were asleep. Ronald snuck inside and found a row of holocrons. He quickly found the one he needed and activated it. In a monotone voice, it revealed that the hour of the Sith was imminent. It spoke of the apparent purge of the Sith, who were preserved by Darth Bane. Living in hiding, Bane trained a Sith to pass on his skills when he died. While they have lived in the Sith fortress at the south of Coruscant, the chain went on for eight centuries. Now, Darth Vadermort planned to end the chain, purge the Jedi, and create an army. If he succeeded, the Jedi would die out. With that, the holocron stopped. Shocked at what he had heard, Ronald quickly put the holocron back and made his way through the back door. However, Mrs Hilton caught him and confronted him for sneaking around after bedtime. Ronald told her that he was looking for a holocron to learn more about the Sith, due to the attempt on his life. He also told her that he planned to take matters into his own hands. Although he thought it sounded crazy, Mrs. Hilton believed him. She pointed out that Ronald could not destroy Darth Vadermort alone, and offered to help him. Ronald agreed and concurrently convinced Ammon and Annabeth to join him and Hilton.

Attack in the Sith Fortress Edit

The next day, it was hard for Ronald to process or remember anything taught during class, due to his stress and anticipation. He knew what the stakes were. Later that day Darth Vadermort was thwarted by Ronald, with the help of Ammon Kendels and Annabeth Skywalker. After reaching the Sith fortress, the trio suffered a series of exhausting and difficult challenges inside in an attempt to stop Darth Vadermort returning to power.

Throughout the challenges the group was picked off one by one and in the final task, Ronald was left on his own when Annabeth was unable to pass through; this left Ronald to face Darth Vadermort alone. Vadermort tried to tempt him into joining him, promising to make him his partner as well as a pilot. When Ronald steadfastly refused, Vadermort ignited his lightsaber and attempted to murder Ronald. Ronald fought back, but he did not have enough experience to face the Sith Lord. The fight ended when Ronald managed to Force-push the Dark Lord into a vat of flames. He then returned home with his friends.

Final exams Edit

Despite his victory over Darth Vadermort, Ronald approached his final exam in lifting objects with the Force convinced that he was headed for “Plant School.” Convinced of failure, he decided he could relax and stop trying so hard, inadvertently achieving something that Yoda had stressed throughout his school term. Amazing both himself and his fellow students, he levitated several boulders high in the air, earning top marks on his exam. He achieved strong marks in his other classes as well, including Physical Education, and was voted Most Creative in The Padawan Observer End-of-the-Year Awards. He admitted to Master Yoda that he would return the next year. Before leaving, he received a delightful surprise in finding that his class schedule for the next term included Starfighter Flight Training. Returning home, Ronald’s dad suggested to him that he might apply for a transfer to Pilot Academy, but Ronald told him he’d like to stay at the Jedi Temple. He received a letter from Annabeth and his brother Gregory asked to see his lightsaber. After a year at the Jedi Temple, Ronald’s opinion was “Who needs Pilot School? I’m going to be a Jedi!”

Ronald Potter and the Gamorrean from Coruscant Edit


Ronald in his second year.

First semester Edit

In his second year, Ronald Potter helped Annabeth Skywalker with the class pet program she had organized. During this time, he helped her take care of a Voorpak from Naboo, whose name was Squeaker. This was also the year they were on unfriendly terms, as Ronald had hit her in the face with a ball during P.E. (while targeting Severus), helped Severus Umbridge and Vernon Dudley kidnap the voorpak, and failed to find her at the Satine Hawkins (an obvious pun of Satie Hawkins) dance, all three of which Ronald did not intend to do. This led to her ignoring him entirely, though she thought it was his fault. He was also on unfriendly terms with Ammon Kendels, especially after an uneventful Spring Break together. When they went to the Museum of Archaeology, Ronald accidentally ripped an ancient text, angering Ammon’s father for a time.

Antilles' assignment Edit

A few weeks after his return from the Jedi Temple, Ronald found Annabeth and Ammon in the hallway holding hands, much to his horror. Ronald immediately ran away, but at that note, he bumped into Gammy, the Gamorrean chef from Corsucant. Gammy roared angrily, getting Annabeth’s attention. Annabeth called to Ronald, who immediately ran for it. The scene eluded Ronald.

Later, Principal Antilles gave them all a readout of their new assignment. It said they were assigned to build a class droid together in assigned teams of five. The droids, which were required to be unarmed and have at least one special function, would be judged on function, design, reliability, and originality. For the droid construction project, the Padawans were picked randomly on a computer. However, Ronald felt it was playing a trick on him. His group included Severus Umbridge, Greer, Pansy Lestrange, Vernon Dudley, and himself. Now he was torn between following along with what everyone else wanted to do, or get them to listen to him, which sounded impossible. As such, he believed the project’s destiny was complete failure. Later, Ronald arrived in an empty classroom to find the others already at a table talking. As Ronald sat down, Vernon warned him not to be late again. When Severus proposed they brainstorm over their droid’s appearance, Vernon said Ronald was creative and none of them deserved a say as much as him. Ronald was confused, and was ever more shocked when Severus, Pansy, and Greer agreed. As they left, Severus also asked Ronald to draw some ideas and show them later. Ronald just looked on with shock.

The discovery of Thomas Slovak Edit

When Ronald returned to his dormitory, he decided he would do best working independently at this point. After his homework, Ronald decided to take a walk outside. But the moment he stepped outside, he remembered Darth Vadermort’s attempt to kill him, but he shook it off because Darth Vadermort was dead. He began to circle the Jedi Temple, a rather long walk, until he discovered a notebook. Realizing a notebook should not just lie in the open, he brought it to his dormitory, placing the book on his desk. At the top, it said it was the property of Thomas Slovak. Ronald opened it, but a ghost emerged and howled at him. Thinking quickly, Ronald shut the book. This also incapacitated the ghost and forced it back inside.

Later, Ronald cooked for the other Padawans in Home Economics. “Make us a good chow” was Gammy’s order. Ronald had the meal boiling in a pot, but just as he got a bowl he saw it was burning. He accisentally applied too much spice and used expired milk. When all the Padawans got a share, none of them liked it - except Gammy, who loved it. After eating the first half he graded Ronald with an A+, shocking everyone else. Ronald did not realize it at first, but Annabeth had stolen the notebook, which was originally hers, as she did not want Ronald to know what she had written in it nor her misdeeds under its control.

Work with Severus Edit

The following day, the team all got to work building the droid. It was an elaborate training droid Ronald had designed. During this, Severus asked him if he knew how to connect the droid’s arm cables, and Ronald showed him how. Pansy then told Ronald she had a secret meeting, and asked him to finish assembling the droid’s head, to which Ronald agreed. Vernon held out a sheet of paper and claimed he could not figure out the diagram on it. Before Ronald could respond, he realized everyone had left.

Lately, every time Ronald tried to hang out with Bill or Eegan, they said they were too busy. Ronald had hardly talked to Annabeth either, who he assumed was hanging out with Ammon all the time. He asked Tegan what she thought Annabeth thought, but Tegan just told him to talk to her. So on his way to class, he tried. When he spotted her, he called her name. Annabeth did not even turn her head, so Ronald called louder. Annabeth turned and absentmindedly answered. Ronald asked if she had been ignoring him. Annabeth apologized for not hearing him and turned to leave, appalling Ronald. He was also hanging out with Severus and Vernon more, mostly due to their project. At the start of the year, he never imagined working with them, let alone leading the project. Two days before the presentation, Severus said he should hang out with him and Vernon. Ronald asked Severus what they were doing and he just shrugged.

The next day, after P.E., Ronald chose to join Severus as planned. He met Severus by an array of wall-mounted school pictures. Once he ensured Ronald if he had brought his pens, Severus used a permanent marker to draw a wig on Yoda’s school portrait, and Ronald then drew a large mustache and emotionless unibrow on Mr. Maulpres. Along with Vernon, the Padawans drew over every photo in the array. Every student and teacher now had a weird hairdo, a funny mustache, extra facial features, or all of the above. All three began to giggle and snicker at the photos until Librarian Lackbar approached, forcing them to run and narrowly avoid discovery. The following day, they would present their project. Returning from the doodling, Ronald looked over the droid from every angle. Everything was in check. They could even be able to use it to train for the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament. Since everyone else in the group usually wore dark robes, Severus suggested Ronald should present the droid in dark robes too. He had some robes Ronald could use that did not fit him anymore. Ronald thought they looked amazing, especially the hood. On Vernon's suggestion, Ronald named the droid, since it was his idea. He called it the Multi-Armed Simulator Droid, or M.A.D.S.

The project revealed Edit

On the big day, everyone showed their droids. After Ammon, Eegan, Bill, and Annabeth finished, Principal Antilles had Ronald’s team present their droid. Ronald and the others stepped up, and M.A.D.S. rolled up behind them. Severus explained that M.A.D.S. was designed for training and preparation in lightsaber dueling. Ronald explained that each arm was covered with lightsaber-resistant foam padding. The multiple optical sensors could detect a full 360 of movement. By combining a swivel torso and wheeled feet, the droid was very mobile. And the center target tracked points earned in fencing. Proceeding to demonstrate, Greer ignited his lightsaber and slashed at the droid several times. Utilizing Form V, M.A.D.S. dodged the attacks until Ronald deactivated the droid, and Greer put away his lightsaber and turned. As Pansy explained it, M.A.D.S. produced five sealed cups of hot chocolate and passed them to the team. With that, everybody applauded as Severus and Pansy congratulated Ronald.

Their droid received the best grade in the class. Prinicipal Antilles also seemed impressed at how much work they put into it. Ronald also hung out with Severus and Vernon more often. Not only did he think they were cool, they also had video games he’d never heard of, which he thought were much better than the games Eegan had showed them. Later, he passed June, Bill, and Eegan. Bill asked him to come with them to practice in the gym, though Ronald claimed he was going as well, with Severus and Vernon. June asked if Ronald wore the dark robes to copy Vernon and Severus, which Ronald tried to defend. Later still, he got back on Facebook, and unknowingly for the last time due to Severus and Vernon’s disparaging comments. Fortunately, Ronald had a plan that time. He got onto a different chat corner that he doubted Severus and Vernon would follow him to. But with them being his friend, he began to question the necessity of the action.

Eventually, Squeaker went missing. Although it was not Ronald’s fault, some people had been accusing him of it, especially Annabeth and Ammon. Ammon had been mean to him as well, both on Facebook and in real life, and he still hadn’t talked to him about relations between him and Annabeth. When Ronald got out of doing homework by pretending to be sick at one point, Ammon lectured him for it (talking to him for the first time in weeks). The combat remote was also missing, and Ronald thought that Ammon must have stolen it.

Food fight and trip to the Senate Edit

A day after Squeaker went missing, the school paper confirmed that Facebook had been shut down (though students still had access to e-mail). Ronald learned this during lunch, where he was sitting with Severus, Vernon, and Pansy. He folded it up and went to get a drink, after telling Pansy nothing was bothering him. When he went back over with the gang, they had planted a hot chili pepper within his sandwich. Ronald learned of the pepper when he took a bite of his sandwich, causing his eyes to well up with tears before he began screaming as he sloshed with water. Vernon and Severus made Ronald think Ammon Kendels was responsible and convinced him to throw it back at Ammon for payback. However, the pepper bounced off Ammon’s head and hit June in the face. When they rounded on the quartet, Vernon and Severus blamed Ronald. Ammon threw a pepper back at Ronald. Ronald ducked and it plowed into Vernon’s busom instead. Growling, Vernon seized a handful of spaghetti and threw it back at Ammon. However, the misdirected heap hit Tegan instead. Tegan threw one back, but Ronald Force-deflected it, causing it to careen into Greer. As the fight continued between all the students, Annabeth fetched Yoda and Mr Maulpres, who put an end to the fight and angrily took Ronald and Ammon to the front office, where they were instructed to remain on the discipline bench. Ronald spoke up, accusing Ammon for starting the fight by putting the pepper in his sandwich. Ammon said in turn that Ronald was the one who had been acting like a jerk lately, and that he thought they were friends. At that note, Yoda walked in and brought Ammon with him to talk. Soon after, he came back for Ronald.

Later, the Padawans were flown to the Galactic Senate. On the way to the bus, Vernon also showed Ronald a video of Gammy crying in fear during the food fight. When they arrived, Ronald, June Barton, Bill Reggan, Silva, and Draco Goyle climbed into the Senate pod with Yoda. It quickly whisked them into the spacious Senate chamber. They listened in as the Senators began conversation on the medical aid bill. However, Senator Tarkin cut them off and then proposed a motion to customize the Senate pods, which led to a heated argument between several alien species. Finally, Silva asked Yoda why the Senators were “wasting their time on chairs.” Yoda explained that their self-absorbance prevented them from seeing the bigger picture. June said the medical aid bill would help Annabeth’s father, confusing Ronald, who asked for verification. Indirectly, June explained that she was dating Ammon Kendels, and that Annabeth’s dad had been sick all year, preventing Annabeth’s attendance and explaining why she was spending more time with Ammon. By the end of the meeting, his mind was racing.

Soon after the Senate meeting, and a day before the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament, Ronald was walking the halls with Severus and Vernon. Severus and Vernon told Ronald that they had something to help — a flash camera. Vernon told Ronald to maneuver Ammon to face the bleachers so they could use the camera flash to briefly blind him. As Ronald left, he insisted that would be cheating. Now he was even angrier, firstly because he was pitted against Ammon, not knowing how they could make up if they had to fight. Second, Severus and Vernon were trying to make him cheat, and when they requested him to participate again and he refused, they threatened to tell Yoda it was Ronald who kidnapped Squeaker. But he feared that if he told on them, he would have no friends.

The Tournament of 199 BBY Edit

Finally, the annual tournament began. Before the dueling began, the Jedi witnessed a special demonstration from celebrity Jedi and guest M’Batee. Ronald turned and wished Ammon luck, who pouted. Vernon and Severus reminded Ronald of their plan. Ronald turned back to the stage, his anxiety growing. After four different matches were fought, Principal Antilles announced that each team had two victories, so the final match would determine the winner — Ronald against Ammon. Ronald looked frightened as his weapon came up in a parry. Ammon attacked viciously, rapidly gaining ground on Ronald. Although Ronald could block the attack, his defenses finally began to tire, and he was soon forced to drop his guard. Just as Ammon was about to strike Ronald, Vernon snapped the camera. The flash briefly blinded Ammon, causing him to scream in shock and rub his eyes. Ronald raised his lightsaber as Severus cheered him on from the bleachers. However, he ultimately decided it would be cheating, and he had decided, then, that he did not want to be like Severus and Vernon. He lowered his blade and looked at Ammon reproachfully. After briefly recovering, Ammon charged and the Younglings clashed again. Finally, Ronald leaped over Ammon to strike him from behind, but Ammon struck faster and drove his saber into Ronald’s side.

Applause immediately erupted for Ammon’s victory, and M’Batee presented him with an inscribed trophy. With immeasurable regret, Ronald left the stage and then the auditorium as the applause continued. A moment later, Ammon came running out and congratulated Ronald for his efforts. Once he got closer, he asked him why he didn’t take the chance to defeat him. Ronald explained that it would have been cheating, and when it came down to it he wanted to be the better example to Severus and Vernon, whom he feared he was becoming just like them. Ronald then apologized for being a bad friend, and explained that after Spring Break, he thought Ammon was mad at him and in love with Annabeth, though he now knew otherwise and apologized. Ammon fully accepted his apology and they became friends again. Then Ronald encountered Vernon and Severus, who chided him for his "big mistake". Just then, Yoda walked up and reprimanded the bullies for cheating. He then announced that Facebook would be reactivated, but Severus and Vernon would still have to wait for access to the site. As Yoda left, Severus blamed Ronald angrily before he and Vernon left, lamenting about their plan to avenge him.

Rebirth of Darth Vadermort Edit

Afterwards, Ronald went to find Squeaker, using the locker com from the previous year to open Vernon’s locker. However, Annabeth immediately intercepted him and accused him of having Squeaker all semester. Not wishing to argue, Ronald left to give him back to Yoda. However, Ronald immediately learned that the person responsible for opening the Chamber was in fact Annabeth Skywalker, under the control of Darth Vadermort’s Force ghost by writing into his notebook, forcing her to torment and vandalize the school. They also learned that she was being kept down in the Chamber and were told that supposedly she “had been kidnapped [...] Ammon will follow.” Ammon immediately showed up and saw the message as well. Determined to rescue Annabeth, stop Darth Vadermort’s return, and destroy Darth Tenebrous, Ronald, accompanied by Ammon, was able to locate and open the underground chamber using their Force abilities. Once they got down into the Chamber, it was not long before Ronald and Ammon were discovered by Darth Tenebrous and bound to a wooden board. There they were forced to witness a ritual in which Tenebrous used a piece of Ronald’s robes to restore Darth Vadermort’s body. After Darth Vadermort regained a full-size human form and explained his downfall and disappearance to his enemies, he engaged Ronald and Ammon in a duel.

As Ronald began to strategize, Ammon charged at Vadermort. Darth Vadermort released a barrage of Force lightning and blasted Ammon aside before turning to Ronald. Ronald began to circle Darth Vadermort as the Sith attempted to blast Ronald with another bolt of lightning. Ronald grounded the blast, prompting Darth Vadermort to ignite his own weapon. Ronald attacked first, but Vadermort quickly deflected Ronald’s initial attack. After a quick flurry of bladework, Vadermort slashed at Ronald’s legs, and Ronald dodged. As Annabeth watched, Ronald attempted to launch his own offensive, but Darth Vadermort easily brushed off his overhand and unleashed his own frenzy of attacks. Ronald was viciously driven back, barely able to protect himself against the Dark Lord’s technique. Despite his own valiant efforts, Ronald simply could not find an opening. Squeaker, who was allowed to return for a little while, somehow located a small ship and attempted a rescue. As Ronald blocked a leaping slash from Vadermort, he saw the ship approaching. Disengaging from the Sith, Ronald quickly freed Annabeth. Ronald quickly grabbed Ammon and leaped aboard, Annabeth close behind. The trio got inside just as the hatch closed and the ship accelerated. As the ship headed for the top floor, Darth Vadermort was left fuming in the basement.

Final flight exam Edit

During the final flight exam, Ronald flew with Severus and Vernon. The bullies ditched him, triggering uncertainty until he used the Force to help him calm down. He later assisted June and Annabeth in clearing the final, but crashed himself 90 percent through the course. The way the year started, Ronald was unsure if he would pass Starfighter Flight Training. By the time the semester was halfway over, he wasn’t sure he would have any friends left. So it felt good to help Annabeth twice, even though both events proved disastrous. Mr. Maulpres had trouble deciding which grade to give Ronald. He was starting to think Mr. Maulpres didn’t want to like him, but he did. He was only going to give Ronald a C-, but then Yoda convinced him to give Ronald a B instead. Soon after, the final exams for meditation took place. Ronald was first up. Yoda spoke first, instructing the Padawans to Force-lift two stones while meditating. Ronald sat down and began to meditate, lifting the stones successfully. Hoping to distract Ronald, Severus whispered to Vernon that he thought Ronald looked like a big baby, and Vernon revealed he put the chili pepper in Ronald’s sandwich, but their attempts failed. After five minutes, the stage was over, and Ronald lowered the stones. Yoda congratulated Ronald before the latter sat down, and Ammon and Annabeth both smiled.

Ronald had learned a lot this year, but not in the way he had expected. Despite this, Mr. Maulpres still disliked him. He thought Severus and Vernon had come to like him, but then they started bullying him again after the Droid Construction Project. Now that things were back to normal (except for the threat Darth Vadermort posed), Ronald was even fine with Ammon beating him in the tournament. Even though he thought it was silly how Kitnum always told them that winning did not matter, he now thought she had the right idea. And even though Annabeth was no longer angry at him, he still didn’t know if she liked him.

Return to Coruscant Edit

Days later, the school year ended. Ronald and Ammon dismounted together, Ronald commenting on how quickly the school year had passed for him. Just then, Vernon showed up with Severus and Pansy behind him. He said he was surprised Ronald didn’t fail, to which Ronald replied by mock-apologizing for “disappointing” Vernon. Vernon reminded him that there was always next year before leaving. Eegan and Bill showed up next, and Bill expressed his anticipation for him and Ronald to talk on Facebook when they said goodbye. When they left, Ronald handed Ammon a magazine he made about Jedi artifacts to give to Mr. Kendels. Ammon thanked Ronald and revealed his intentions to visit Tatooine. He left after that, just as Annabeth walked up behind Ronald. Ronald turned and took a get-well card from his pocket. He said it was for her father. Annabeth took it and peeked at the inside before thanking Ronald. She gave him a hug before boarding her bus. Like Bill, she promised to talk to him soon. Ronald waved, and then heard Gammy grunting at him. He turned to see Gammy, who gave him a huge dragon nugget. Just then, Yoda showed up behind Gammy and congratulated Ronald, before reminding him how much he had learned and confirming Ronald’s intentions of returning next year. He also told Ronald he would train with a Jedi Master as a true Padawan Learner. Finally, Ronald boarded his bus, which then took off. As Ronald rode on the bus, he wondered who his Master would be. As such, he looked inside the newspaper and learned it was Mr. Maulpres, much to his horror.

Finally, the bus arrived on Tatooine. After it landed, Ronald stepped out, where Gregory Potter threw a wet washcloth at him to suppress the heat. Ronald and Gregory were then given a ride home by Mr. Potter. When they arrived home, Oliver came rushing out with his arms extended. Before Oliver could reach his brother, Ronald Force-pulled him onto his shoulders before greeting him and Mrs. Potter. When they went inside, Mrs. Potter had Ronald put on some dry clothes while she made supper.

Ronald Potter and the Labyrinth of Doom Edit


Ronald in his third year.

First semester Edit

In his third year, Ronald Potter began the individual training with Mr. Maulpres. He still shared several classes with Annabeth Skywalker and Ammon Kendels. Generally, Ronald and Mr. Maulpres were on neutral terms. At the start of the year, a transfer student named Lily Vane began training with them. At this point, Annabeth Skywalker and Ronald started fully dating, beginning with a double date. During the event, Ronald, Annabeth, June Barton, and Ammon Kendels were also joined by Severus Umbridge and Lily. Ronald was very annoyed by Severus’ arrival, though he tried to be polite, especially after Severus helped him pay for pizza when they went for dinner. Soon after returning, Ronald was preparing to study with Bill and Annabeth when he realized his backpack was missing. He then realized it had been stolen. Because he strongly suspected Vernon Dudley had stolen it, he went down to retrieve it from Vernon’s locker, only for Maulpres to catch him and give him detention. Thus, he was assigned to wash a starship. Together, Vernon and Draco Goyle teamed up and pranked him throughout the entire school year, beginning with the thievery of his backpack and ensuring he would be on their team, though Ronald did not initially know Draco was involved. With effort, some of the pranks backfired, for example when Annabeth and June got Ronald a new backpack or when the voorpak clones at the talent show were effectively subdued. When Lily’s friends from Ossus came to visit the Jedi Temple, Ronald was happy to help them through, but he was also disturbed by a vision he had at the start of their visit about Darth Vadermort capturing and torturing Mr. Kendels. In the final exam for the semester, Ronald worked with Annabeth, June, Eegan Reich, and Ammon, and they finished the nine obstacles in twenty minutes (thirty minutes being the deadline).

Second semester Edit

Ronald spent most of Spring Break catching up on missing homework Vernon and Draco had stolen. When he returned, he learned that Annabeth had gotten braces during Break. Vernon and Draco continued to prank him, resuming by forging a letter from Yoda in order to deprive him of sleep. Later, Ronald and Annabeth went on a single date together, which Ronald enjoyed. Two weeks later, Ronald navigated the Labyrinth of Doom. During this, he defeated Greer in a lightsaber duel. Later in the maze, he learned that Draco Goyle and Vernon Dudley had been pranking him all year. He then engaged Vernon in combat, and won. At this point Vernon revealed his true motives, causing Ronald to understand him more, and provide encouragement instead of snark in response. He then finished the maze at sixth place.

Battle of the Jedi Temple Edit

Suddenly, Darth Vadermort arrived at the Jedi Temple and demanded via hologram that the Jedi turn in Ronald Potter, or else be killed. Hearing this, the children decided they were ready to fight the Sith. Ronald decided that he needed to go. As Yoda and Kitnum threw up a shield with the Force, Mrs. Hilton contacted other allies with a call to arms. All students of age prepared themselves for the impending siege. The Battle of the Jedi Temple began as Darth Vadermort and his army approached the outer boundaries of the school. The stormtroopers destroyed the shield, and the battle began.

Ronald immediately resorted to go, and revealed his decision only to Yoda, Mr. Maulpres, and Annabeth Skywalker before his departure. In the meantime, he was worried about Annabeth and Ammon, who still had Vladamir and Darth Tenebrous to deal with. On the way, he saw that Mary had been killed. This incensed him, but then he realized that only he could finish Darth Vadermort and that he would have to do his share of fighting.

Ronald ran through a metallic street. On his way, he saw Darth Tenebrous fighting Annabeth, June, and Ammon and redirected his path to them, before being knocked roughly aside by Lackbar, who dueled and ultimately drove off Tenebrous, who faked his death. Ronald then entered the Slug Diner as planned. When he heard a noise out of his line of sight, he ignited his lightsaber. He then ran and hid near the main staircase just as Darth Vadermort arrived.

When Ronald met Darth Vadermort in the Slug Diner, Vadermort immediately threw Ronald into a stone pillar and attempted to kick Ronald. He then taunted him, claiming that no one was here to save Ronald this time. Ronald responded that he would triumph on his own, and one of them would die. Vadermort said it would be Ronald. As Ronald attempted to regain his footing, he said that Vadermort would kill no one else. Darth Vadermort pushed Ronald back with the Force. Ronald told Vadermort that the lightsaber prototype would always fail him. Darth Vadermort advanced, telling Ronald he had fixed the problem, and that sass would get him nowhere. However, Ronald warned Darth Vadermort of the fate that lay in store for him if he was unwilling to feel remorse for his actions. Ronald them said: “Come on, Thomas, let’s finish strong!” He grabbed Vadermort around the neck and threw himself and Vadermort off the ledge and into the ravine below.

As the two duelists screamed, Darth Vadermort redirected their path with the Force, guiding them away from the ravine. Soon, they crash-landed at the stairs of the Jedi Temple; the impact forced their lightsabers out of their hands. Injured, but still energized, they desperately reached for them. Once attained, Darth Vadermort and Ronald Potter respectively clashed; neither were damaged. After a pause in the duel, the Force users clashed anew - this time, Ronald was viciously driven back. Sensing his fatigue, Darth Vadermort ramped up his attack until he was dealing in six blows per second. Ronald was forced onto the defensive. Finally, Darth Vadermort managed to disarm Ronald. He was about to kill him for good when Vernon Dudley intervened and parried the blow for Ronald. He encouraged Ronald to grab his lightsaber and continue, and began to distract the Sith until this could be done. The two Jedi younglings began the duel with their advanced forms of Shii-Cho and Shien, catching Darth Vadermort off-guard. Vadermort, unable to combat both at once, knocked Ronald aside. Vernon continued alone, but was quickly disarmed. When Ronald summoned Vernon’s weapon, Vadermort attempted to kill him with a high-voltage blast of Force lightning. Ronald, however, deflected the beam, and Vadermort’s attack rebounded, killing Darth Vadermort once and for all.

Immediately, Ronald and Vernon were surrounded by overjoyed fellow fighters; Annabeth and Ammon reached him first, and then Eegan, June, and Bill. Victory celebrations began and Ronald was an indispensable part of the grief and celebration. Everyone wanted him there with them, their leader, symbol, and guide. He must speak to the bereaved and witness their sadness, and hear the news that the tortured citizens all over the galaxy were filling the hospital for treatment. The surviving stormtroopers were fleeing or else captured, the innocent in prison were being released, and Senator Blagotine had been named temporary Chancellor of the Republic, but Ronald soon grew weary. Tegan Courtney created a distraction so that he could slip away in order to find Ammon and Annabeth. When the trio regrouped, he explained everything to his two best friends.

Home again Edit

After some playful banter during the victory celebration, Annabeth raced up and kissed him on the lips. This surprised Ronald, who said he didn't want to tell Gregory about it or it would be a long time before he let that go. Before leaving for home, Ronald said goodbye to a few of his friends. Annabeth met up with him and they kissed each other. Ronald then said goodbye to his mentors. He came back home learning Oliver was enrolled in the Jedi Temple due to him lifting multiple pebbles into the air. Ronald then said hi to Gregory, who figured out that Ronald and Annabeth kissed each other on the lips, and when Ronald asks Gregory how he figured it out, Gregory said a brother always knows. Ronald failed at life.

During the summer of 198 B.B.Y., Ronald returned the lightsaber prototype to its rightful place in the Museum of Archaeology. He was also very upset about Mary’s death, despite having not talked to her much during their years in school. He also had a license to fly in a real starfighter now.

Ronald Potter and the Clash of Wills Edit

Ronald Potter is confirmed to appear in the fourth book of the saga. However, as the book will focus on the adventures of his younger brother Oliver, his role in this book will be reduced considerably.

Later life (197 B.B.Y.-?)Edit

Very little is known about Ronald’s life after the Jedi Temple. By 187 BBY, he considered Mr. Maulpres as one of the bravest men he had ever known. As a Jedi Knight, he constantly returned to help teach at the Jedi Temple, especially in the criteria of lightsaber fencing and Force techniques, much like Master M’Batee. It is likely that Ronald and Annabeth were married, though this is never confirmed.

Possessions Edit

Lightsaber arsenal Edit

As is the case with most Jedi Knights, Ronald’s self-made lightsaber is among his most valued possessions. His lightsaber has a blue blade and he built it under the supervision of Mr. Maulpres. Perhaps his most notable use of it was dispatching Darth Vadermort in 198 BBY, when he used his lightsaber to deflect his lightning back at him.

For a brief time, Ronald was the master of the Lightsaber prototype (though he was not in physical possession of the prototype until he destroyed Darth Vadermort and took it from him). This artifact is, arguably, the most powerful item in all of the galaxy and was extremely ancient.


This notebook was owned by Ronald from at least 200 BBY. It was used to keep his notes and other writings, such as things he wanted to remember.


  • Backpack: A backpack was used by Ronald Potter to carry around textbooks, pens, and other items throughout his three years attending the Jedi Temple. It is very likely that this bag was used in his Muggle education prior to attending the Jedi Temple. In 198 BBY, it was stolen by Vernon Dudley and Draco Goyle.
  • Second backpack: Later on, Ronald was given a new backpack by Annabeth Skywalker, Ammon Kendels, and June Barton. He used it for most of his third year and continued using it after he became a Padawan Learner.

Everyday TechnologiesEdit

  • Alarm clock: In the start of his first year, Ronald was given an alarm clock by Yoda. At one point, he turned it off instead of putting it on snooze. Ronald had to repair the alarm clock in the summer of 197 BBY.
  • Watch: This watch was used by Ronald until it was destroyed during the Field Trip to Naboo in 198 BBY, since it was not waterproof and by Spring Break of the same year he had discarded the watch entirely.


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  • Ronald is the Scottish form of the Scandinavian name Ragnvald, which was derived from the Old Norse Ragnvaldr, composed of the elements ragn, "advice", and valdr, "ruler". It is a cognate of the name Reginald, which is derived from the Germanic form of the name, Raginwald, meaning "the prince's counsellor". All these names carry the meaning of a person who acts as a trusted advisor to a person in power, much as Ronald acted as a friend and confidant to the leaders of the Jedi Order. "Ron" is also the name of Arthur's lance in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain. Ron is short for Rhongomyniad, which means "striker spear" in Welsh.
  • In the opening crawl to Template:JH, Ronald's middle name was listed as "Jean;" this name is a female variant of the name John, meaning "God is gracious." The true relevancy of this name to Ronald is unknown.
  • Potter is a very common surname of English origin. It traditionally refers to the occupation of making pottery. Beatrix Potter was a well-known English children's author. Potter's Field is the name for a burial ground for the unknown or unclaimed dead, particularly soldiers and orphans; the Potter family had many members that fit that description. Harry Potter was the protagonist of one of the most popular series in the world. The Potter Box is a model for making ethical decisions developed at Harvard University.

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