Mr. Stupid NoHead is the Dark Lord of Tsala and the overarching main antagonist of The Super Babies. His main appearance is in Pride of the Super Babies, where he is the main antagonist, and he reappears as both the protagonist and main antagonist in the Before The SMSB franchise.

Having started two wars, committed unspeakable robberies and acts of torture, murdered his own wife, raised his sons as fighting brutes, been hell-bent on wiping out a baby, slaughtered/brought about the death of millions of innocent men, women, and children, and ruled the solar system unopposed for nearly 15 years, he is widely considered to be amongst the darkest fictional villains of all time.

Background Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Earlier in life, Mr. Stupid NoHead was tall and handsome, with pale skin, jet black hair, and dark eyes. NoHead’s good looks continued to increase as he grew older, and he cunningly used them to charm many of the other NoHeads.

However, as he became more immersed in the Darkness, his good looks left him, with his features becoming gnarled, and his skin becoming as pale as snow. His eyes became a sickly red and he had a hook nose. In 2019, however, a combat machine took a toll on NoHead’s appearance. After Paige’s attack on him, he was left with the appearance of a gnarled, ancient man. He was also lost a few teeth. His long, thin hands and usual dress in a heavy, dark cloak did not change after the transformation. It is also mentioned that NoHead had no lips and very little hair. NoHead had a rather cold, guttural voice with a slightly rasping element.

Personality Edit

Through his own nature, Mr. Stupid NoHead was irrevocably evil. He made clear, however, that he did not believe himself to be evil, but simply beyond common morality and what people defined as sanity. He called evil “a label we all put on those who threaten us”, as he told Cardarphen. Aside from his opinion on morality, he believed himself to be the embodiment of evil and the living incarnation of the Darkness. He was instinctively treacherous, betraying and killing several beings who trusted him, including his own wife. The Qisheng killed so many he created an army of Arboc. Inevitably, he performed the darkest of mutantry and had no regard for human life. In his quest for power, he showed that he was also patient, narcissistic, and vastly intelligent, the latter shown by his training scores and tremendous achievements.

Despite this, Mr. Stupid NoHead’s interests were narrowly focused on the usefulness of people, objects, and powers to his goals. His inability to see the larger picture and inattention to events, powers and human traits that were not immediately useful to him was a serious flaw that led to most of his setbacks and ultimately his first death.

After his first defeat, many (namely Force Baby, Baby Intelligence, Ninna, Dexter among others) believed that he had yet to be truly vanquished, and would one day return on the grounds as there was not enough humanity left in him to die in the first place. Mr. Stupid NoHead was completely incapable of love; he felt no desire or need for human companionship or friendship. The closest he came to caring about another living being was feeling moderate affection for his heir and eldest son, Hell Burnbottom. NoHead thought of everything in terms of power (which he equated to domination through ability). He was somewhat willfully ignorant of people or matters which he considered to have no value.


Mr. Stupid NoHead himself did not value his fellow human beings except to the extent that they were useful to him. He often described his followers as 'friends' and his inner circle even as 'the family he had never possessed', but in no way treated them like an ordinary person does their friends or family. He demanded his followers' unswerving loyalty and obedience, spitefully took revenge for their mistakes or even bad luck by torture or targeting family members and mistreated or even killed them at the slightest provocation. His callous attempt to sacrifice Bethany Donner by ordering her to assassinate Hayden as punishment for the blunders of the child's parents serves as evidence of this.

It is noted that Mr. Stupid NoHead is unusually stoic. While most D.I.T. villains have displayed some sense of humor or immaturity, NoHead has not displayed such an attitude once. His every word and movement is calm and chilling. He even packed elements of this in his teen years, but not to the relative perfection of his natural traits as an adult. For example, when his most valued prisoner escaped his grip, he lost his temper and destroyed the cell with his powers.

The Dark Lord was a highly twisted, manipulative, and seductive megalomaniac, easily bending others to his will in his quest for supremacy. A narcissist, Mr. Stupid NoHead identified his own essence with the very blackness of space, even going so far as to declare himself the ultimate personification of the Darkness. NoHead also displayed traits of psychopathy, including extreme sadism and cruelty, taking considerable pleasure in the suffering and deaths of others. His sadism was such that, when murdering his wife, Mrs. Twisted NoHead, in her sleep, he paused to mock her for being manipulated by him and revel in her pain before running her through. Another example of this was when he deflected gunfire from Greg Hecks for an extended time period, taking pleasure in Greg's fear before finally disarming him at whim. His inherent sadism apparently had its roots with his father, Mr. Crooked NoHead — a penchant for violence was one of the few things the two men did not have in common. Regarding his views on failure, he was unforgiving and likely to execute less useful individuals. Burnbottom also mentioned on one occasion, while comparing himself to his father, that while he himself killed only when necessary, NoHead did it to amuse himself.

File:Mr stupid nohead tlb.jpg

Mr. Stupid NoHead had a need for independence that bordered on pathological, and he preferred to operate in secrecy and solitude whenever possible.

Even as a child, Mr. Stupid NoHead was demonstrated to be manipulative, psychopathic, and selfish. This is especially evident by his frequent breaking of various rules and social norms, knowing full well that his father, whom he hated, would simply murder the authorities to make the problem disappear. Even at this point, NoHead’s main goal was nothing less than the acquisition of absolute power.

Although possessed of a hunger for power, he honestly came to regret the NoHead Cataclysm. Seeing no one more powerful than himself, he deemed only himself as worthy of ruling the world. In addition, despite his narcissistic nature, Mr. Stupid NoHead was capable of acknowledging his mistakes. However, he did not learn from them, especially concerning values he did not care for such as love. And contrary to popular belief, NoHead was a prolific author. He was a known patron of the arts, attending the opera whenever able and making his chosen section invisible. He was also a skilled strategist, having orchestrated the robot attack and Mayor’s kidnapping for his own benefit.

Despite his exceptional skills in fencing and his mastery of the darkness, Mr. Stupid NoHead was no less susceptible to anger and hate, the primary emotions of the darkness, than any other NoHead. He also utilized escape tactics, and during their first confrontation attempted to flee rather than fight, and only confronted Baby Intelligence when he appeared to have no other choice.[1] Fear ultimately proved to be NoHead’s weakness.

However, despite Mr. Stupid NoHead’s general malicious ways he had proven that he was capable of acknowledging the desires of others but only if those desires did not interfere with his ambitions and were presented by someone whom he deemed a worthy servant. The only time this was ever really seen was when he agreed to his half-sister, Hadeline’s, plea for Bridgett Kellerman’s life. Although he did not agree to spare Bridgett with no conditions, he said he would offer her the chance to live if she did not attempt to stop him from murdering her daughter. Uncharacteristically, NoHead followed through on his promise to Hadeline and gave Bridgett several chances to step aside. However, when she refused him and attempted to seize her gun, NoHead murdered her with no other options.

One odd incident in Mr. Stupid NoHead’s life occurred on the night he murdered Bridgett and Zach. As he walked down a street lane on his way to their house, on his way to kill the infant Lindsay Kellerman, in a most unusual act of mercy, he decided to spare the life of a Fobble child who had complimented the impressiveness of his “mask”, not realizing that Mr. Stupid NoHead was not in costume but a black-robed villain with a pale, disfigured face. Killing her for her interference was an act NoHead had deemed “unnecessary”. NoHead’s reasoning for this was not made clear though it can be surmised that NoHead had chosen not to use his powers until he had arrived at the Kellerman’s house in case his presence was detected by any spies. Another possibility is that Mr. Stupid NoHead simply thought the child was not worth his time or effort.

Despite his narcissistic nature, Mr. Stupid NoHead could acknowledge his mistakes. Nevertheless, Baby Intelligence said that he didn't learn from them, especially relating to matters he did not value such as love. When he was angry, NoHead was unpredictable: he was capable of being cold and calm, indeed being one of the most stoic villains ever to dabble in mutantry, but could also explode with rage and when he lost his temper he never hesitated to slay even his own loyal followers. He expected complete respect from the NoHeads but did not truly care for any of them in return. He did rescue Annabeth Black during the rescue of Baby Strength and would flatter her on occasion. It is likely, though, that he was concerned about a very powerful and talented servant, rather than truly loving Black as a person.

One flaw that Mr. Stupid NoHead did not possess, despite his egomania, was thinking himself infallible. He acknowledged his mistakes on several occasions, seeking to make hay of his missteps, openly revealing such unflattering information to his followers and using it to illustrate how he could use his wits to further enhance his powers.

Upon his return in 2012, Mr. Stupid NoHead showed a degree of calculated humility. He showed his followers leniency, even though they had not sought to help him after his downfall, realizing he could not afford to mistreat them until returning to full strength.

On a lesser note, Mr. Stupid NoHead did appear to fall short when it came to acquiring a truly worthy apprentice to the NoHeads’ heir. Despite being falsely convinced of Rotta’s undying loyalty, he killed her out of anger.[2] After cautiously preparing for Sebiscuits’ fall to the darkness, and finally having him as his own, he was betrayed mere months later. In addition, regarding his own apprentices, he usually betrayed them and engineered their deaths when they either proved weak or if they failed him. In fact, the closest NoHead ever came to actually valuing any of his apprentices was with Hell Burnbottom, having spared him largely because he was still powerful, and also because he needed an heir should he die. He also seemed to consider Annabeth Black to be important, he at least treated her with respect.

When Mr. Stupid NoHead was brought back to life in 2020, he still possessed some of his twisted personality traits, most notably his sadism, megalomania, and inability to love, kept intact. However, due in part to his rebirth, he had also become more outwardly maniacal and sadistic, constantly cackling insanely as well as occasionally trying to play extremely cruel jokes on his children. Despite his insanity, he was also extremely intelligent and calculating, wanting to ensure that he not overlook anything in order to make his plans an absolute success. He also appeared to be highly demented and ferocious, more so than his original self.

Powers and abilities Edit

Power Box [3]

Trained to perfection by his parents, Mr. Stupid NoHead was considered by many to be the most powerful NoHead in history — something he himself firmly believed. His status as such had also been documented within the the second edition of an important historical chronicle. He was also considered the one mutant to have successfully tamed the Darkness, exceeding even that of Lord Smasa.[4]

Fencing Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead was incredibly skilled in sword combat, one of the greatest duelists of all time. A NoHead Swordmaster, he was one of the very few who was the equal of Hell Burnbottom and Baby Intelligence. As a result of his tremendous skill, he killed two sword-wielding police — Katy Smith and Caleb Hawkins — each with a single blow, and while also engaged with Paige, he slew Jason Williams only moments later. He also put up a ferocious fight against Paige, but was eventually disarmed by the latter. Although he may have feigned weakness to manipulate Sebiscuits into betraying the S.M.S.B. He was able to hold his own against Baby Intelligence in a sword duel, but in the end was defeated.

He was ambidextrous and could change his fighting style at a whim — keeping his opponents unsure of what his next move would be. During his assassination of the Gran Protectorate in 1997, the speed and ferocity of his technique was so great that it appeared as though his victims were dispatched by a phantom. A master of every form of sword combat and stances, NoHead was a terrifying opponent. His dueling style was extremely aggressive; his style was a combination of brutal aggression and lethal precision making him an almost unstoppable opponent. In fact, the only people known to have defeated him in combat were Paige and Baby Intelligence.

Even as a thirteen-year-old, Mr. Stupid NoHead displayed a prowess in an acrobatic and offensive form of sword combat in his duel against Jean, a police officer. Despite his skill with a sword, he was unable to defeat Sheriff Bladepoint, whose own life was spent honing his survival skills, and who was able to embrace the Light during his confrontation with the dark mutant.

Powers Edit

In addition to his fencing skills, Mr. Stupid NoHead was one of the most powerful men of all time. NoHead’s relationship with the darkness was so deep to the point that he became a possession of the dark, and the dark became a possession of his. As an apprentice under his parents’ tutelage, he learned all the known dark powers of his predecessors, until he considered himself even stronger. NoHead’s mastery of his powers was such that he felt a virtual monster rising from the core of his self, impatient to unleash itself. By the time of his final death, he had become a nexus of the darkness capable of tearing apart the fabric of space.

  • Telepathy: Mr. Stupid NoHead was incredibly adept in the use of both Mind resistance and telepathy, being able to shield his own mind and penetrate the minds of others. He was particularly skilled in telepaty, and gained a reputation as one of the most accomplished invader the world has ever seen. His frighteningly tremendous telepathic powers allowed NoHead to delve and peer deep into the minds of others, seeing their deepest thoughts, and according to Annabeth Black, NoHead could not only read, but also control and unhinge the minds of others, with him often enjoying telepathically invading the minds of others, creating visions designed to torture them, and only killing them after reveling in their pain. Hence, NoHead could almost always tell when someone was lying. However, when Black lied that she had been out at the training fields, Mr. Stupid NoHead notably believed her. The most remarkable part about this skill was that he seemed to be working on it while he was still a child in the nursery. Extremely few people were skilled enough in Mind resistance to shield themselves from him. Annabeth, Sheriff Bladepoint, and also possibly Greg Hecks were notable exceptions to this. Even prior to his training, his telepathy was powerful enough to block out his parents’ own in 1983.
  • Possession: After his second death, his soul proved able to possess the body of Darren Slade, though his power drove Slade completely insane for a time.
  • Lightning and telekinesis: He was a master of lightning and was known to use this power openly. If used to its full potency, he could instantly reduce one or more people into charred husks. He could also use this power in conjunction with telekinesis to electrify levitated objects before hurling them at his opponents, thus increasing the damage potency of the attack. He was also extremely skilled with telekinesis, even to which he was able to move small objects while barely even lifting his finger.
  • Flight: Mr. Stupid NoHead also possessed the power of flight.
  • Virtual invisibility: Mr. Stupid NoHead utilized an ability allowing him to mask his presence in the darkness, and virtually become invisible.
"Conquer the temptation to create specimens that are superior in every way. The danger of such monstrosities being turned against you is too great."
―Mr. Stupid NoHead, from The Creation of Monsters[src]
  • Alchemy: Mr. Stupid NoHead was a master of alchemy, an ancient art he was taught by Mr. Crooked NoHead. He wrote about alchemy in The Creation of Darkness, the unfinished last part of his Dark Treasury. He rediscovered the long-forgotten art of creating chrysalides, and used it to alchemically alter noils into giant, fearsome beasts used as pets at his private Citadel, as he planned to have them enforce his future Empire. He also created skyfighters into hulking monsters, used against the police during the NoHead Cataclysm. The Dark Lord also possessed some knowledge of magic, allowing him to use arcane rituals to detect poisons and drugs in food and drink and cast a limited variety of spells. He could utter incantations in the English language. Additionally, with only two incantations he could drain the invincibility of his opponents.Template:Fact
  • Apparition: Another very advanced ability he used was apparition, allowing him to shift to different places at a whim. NoHead is the only known mutant besides Master Intelligence and Jamboga Pine to be able to apparate silently.
  • Underage mutantry: Even before being told that he was a mutant, or having any knowledge of mutantry at all, the young Mr. Stupid NoHead displayed an exceptional degree of control over his usage of underage mutantry, which he used to torment many of the other cublings at the nursery. He was able to move objects with his mind, control animals to do his bidding, and even make bad things happen to those who annoyed him. Even Mr. Crooked NoHead commented that his powers were surprisingly well-developed for his young age, and that his level of control over them had made him uneasy.
  • Foresight: Mr. Stupid NoHead was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing the power to see his plots to fruition.

Appearances Edit

The Super Babies: Book I: Pride of the Super Babies Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead is first introduced, albeit not by name, in the prologue, which is told from his point of view. He is currently after the Klonham crystal, believing an army of sevlows would be very useful in his plans of domination. Upon learning that Saurya possessed the crystal he sought, the Dark Lord set up a band of goblins to corner the haunted nursery in which his quarry lived. Finally, Mr. Stupid NoHead entered the forest himself, ordering the goblins to circle around the house but forbidding them from entering. Destroying the door's keyhole with his mutantry, NoHead was surprised to see the corpses of twenty-five babies and the maid littering the floor, presumably killed via shooting. He realized the trace was correct and intercepted her at the top of the staircase.

Saurya showed no fear of Mr. Stupid NoHead, summoning her friend Aegii when NoHead demanded for the Klonham. Seeing Aegii has the crystal, and that she and Saurya were teaming up against him, NoHead killed Saurya with fire, though he failed to remove the crystal from Aegii's grasp (even after knocking the girl unconscious). Taking Aegii prisoner, and leaving the nursery to burn, Mr. Stupid NoHead returned to the Fifth NoHead Base.

In present time, he is plotting his revenge on Baby Intelligence. However, he realizes he does not know of the infant's whereabouts.

Somehow, Mr. Stupid NoHead learned that when the wizard Merlin died, his second apprentice had cheated death and obtained immortality. Believing he could be of great help to the NoHeads, he took several measures to seek him out. In spite of Annabeth Black's recent public failure on Planet 10, Mr. Stupid NoHead dispatches her and NoHead Recruit Kenzie Walters to locate both the wizard and Baby Intelligence.

Eventually, Walters sends a beacon that reveals the wizard is near her and Black's holdout in Sydney, Australia. Realizing the wizard is still in Sydney, Mr. Stupid NoHead sends Walters to summon Black and Hell Burnbottom. When they arrive, he tells them of the wizard's whereabouts and formally issues a decree warning Fobbles against harboring Baby Intelligence. When Burnbottom leaves the room, Black tells him about Lucy McCallin's troublemaking.

"I saw him, Baby Intelligence, rising from the darkness. Save for his pale, gnarled hands, his entire visage was covered in a black cloak. The Qi'sheng has come! He whispered, 'Wizard...wizard...wizard...I am ready...' [...] I ran, I ran up the many flights of stairs, but the Dark mutant would not let me escape with his secret."
Merlin's second apprentice[src]

In the following scene, Mr. Stupid NoHead appears in the entrance to a small chamber, where he encounters the second apprentice of Merlin. He whispers a challenge to him, but the wizard runs off.

Mr. Stupid NoHead is not seen again in the book for a long time. Eventually, Baby Intelligence sees him through the Varlarien, making the Dark Lord realize that Baby Intelligence is hunting for the three scrolls that will allow him to find the Chosen One. He briefly communicates with his enemy, warning him that "his secret has a new name".

"Now you die, as all police must."
―Mr. Stupid NoHead[src]

Upon learning that Baby Intelligence had procured the final scroll on Mount Everest, Mr. Stupid NoHead sent Walters and Black to capture Baby Strength, knowing Baby Intelligence would attempt to rescue his comrade. Hours later, Mr. Stupid NoHead was alerted of the presence of his enemy, who had brought an orphan baby named Lindsay Kellerman. Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived to murder Baby Intelligence, but when the armies of Italy converged, NoHead fled with Black. Baby Intelligence pursued him into an antechamber. When the superheroes caught up, NoHead recognized Kellerman as the baby he had discovered previously, and delighted in going for her demise as well. NoHead strangled Baby Intelligence, but Lindsay distracted him and caused him to lose grip. Angered, Mr. Stupid NoHead attempted to do away with both of them. He first tried throwing some logs at Baby Intelligence in order to knock him out of the window, only to have the hero knock them back at him with his log. However, when he tossed a wagon at his opponent, Intelligence was successfully knocked out the window and into a trap. The other babies followed him down.

While the S.M.S.B. members are away, NoHead activates the machine to destroy China; however, it can’t send a signal that far. Infuriated, he screams with rage. He soon learns that the S.M.S.B. has blown up his machine.

As dozens of Fobbles arrived, Mr. Stupid NoHead faced Baby Intelligence in the chamber. Baby Intelligence called to the crowd that he didn't want anyone else to help, that it had to just be him and Mr. Stupid NoHead, though NoHead hissed that Baby Intelligence truly wanted someone to use a shield, to sacrifice themselves for him. Baby Intelligence responded that neither of them could live amongst each other, and that one of them was going to leave for good. Mr. Stupid NoHead jeered at the proposal that Baby Intelligence would survive, the baby who survived by accident and because Sheriff Bladepoint was "using him to dispose of [NoHead's] enemies".

Baby Intelligence tried to explain that he possessed mutantry that Mr. Stupid NoHead didn't have, and a weapon more powerful than Mr. Stupid NoHead's, in addition warning Mr. Stupid NoHead that his only choice was to think about what pain he had inflicted on several worlds. Rebuking both explanations, Mr. Stupid NoHead began naming his accomplishments, but Baby Intelligence said he had been backfired and this was in the past. NoHead said Baby Intelligence's demise would allow him to rearrange this, but he still did not strike, and his eyes did not waver from Baby Intelligence.

Baby Intelligence responded that NoHead did not learn from his mistakes, even if he could acknowledge them. Mr. Stupid NoHead had followed every word with rapt attention, but now let out a cackle of mad laughter as he said that none of this mattered. It didn't matter whether his machine was gone, or what petty obstacles they had tired to put in his path. Mr. Stupid NoHead said that he crushed them, that it all made sense, in ways that Baby Intelligence was too young to understand. Baby Intelligence said that Mr. Stupid NoHead's inability to understand love would negate this possibility. NoHead's chest rose and fell rapidly, and Baby Intelligence could feel the blade coming. He added that every moment either of them had lived, had led to this. Baby Intelligence twitched this sword, and he felt the eyes of everyone in the chamber upon it. Baby Intelligence then whispered that it all came down to this.

At this point Mr. Stupid NoHead engaged Baby Intelligence and quickly incapacitated him. However, his final attempt on the life of the Grandmaster was foiled by Merlin's second apprentice, who hotly refused to join forces with the Dark Lord and instead fired a Mutilation Curse at Annabeth Black. Resentful at this display of magic, NoHead engaged the wizard in a fantastic duel. Overwhelmed by his opponent's curses, NoHead found that he had met his match. As Lindsay Kellerman arrived, Mr. Stupid NoHead pretended to flee, hiding under a large platform.

Mr. Stupid NoHead reemerged immediately, threatening his adversaries with their doom. Using his last ounce of strength, Baby Intelligence and Kellerman rose together and entered into the Voice of Sir Edgar, a spiritual and ethereal form. Baby Intelligence extended his hand, which instantly blazed with light and the robots dissipated immediately.

Mr. Stupid NoHead engaged in a short but heated battle with Baby Intelligence and Kellerman, trying to dominate each others' mind. Mr. Stupid NoHead tried to sway them, but they both defied him with scornful words. NoHead's body began to fluctuate, constantly revolving and reshaping as the babies assaulted him and attempted to drive him into the Fire Room. Finally, the Dark Lord's mind was penetrated and Kellerman issued a single command "Return to the underworld where you belong!" Unable to resist them any longer, Mr. Stupid NoHead fell back into the Fire Room and burned to death immediately. But Baby Intelligence and Kellerman were both rendered weak after their strife and fell to the ground.

A moment later, Mr. Stupid NoHead's mangled corpse exploded in a mass of Dark energy, sending deadly waves at the platform. Merlin's apprentice sacrificed himself, sprinting forwards and hurtling all his magic at the waves. The employment of magic was far too much for the old man, who died as the Dark energies disappeared.

The Super Babies: Book II: The Blabberish Singer Edit

"Mr. Stupid NoHead was a tyrant. He was never anything else."
―Baby Intelligence[src]
Despite Mr. Stupid NoHead not making a full appearance in the second book (as he is obviously deceased), the Dark Lord still affects events throughout the series. Due to post-traumatic stress, Baby Intelligence begins to have frequent nightmares about the Fifth NoHead Base, one of which involves Mr. Stupid NoHead dying obscured behind a blanket of blinding red light. He later admits that Dark mutants had a way of dying rather dramatic deaths. To Baby Intelligence, Mr. Stupid NoHead became a representative of everything that is evil, though he doesn’t consider NoHead himself to be fully responsible for his heinous actions as he was raised to understand only one aspect of mutantry, truly believing that if he grew up in Baby Intelligence's environment things would have been much different.

The Super Babies: Book III: Revenge of Hell Burnbottom Edit

Near the Golden Gates, Baby Intelligence realizes how hard it is to face the memories of Mr. Stupid NoHead, recalling the death of his mother and the Dark Lord's cold, shrill laughter.

The Super Babies: Book IV: An Ended Generation Edit

Baby Intelligence would continue to mention him several times.

Sequel trilogy Edit

ventually, Mr. Stupid NoHead's ideas ended up becoming the basis of the regime that developed into the Knights of Plague, the NoHeads' successor, led by a Dark mutant who the Dark Lord once commanded, the Gladiator. Mr. Stupid NoHead and his evil ways will also inspire the Dark Flame in his quest for power and supremacy.

Anthology Edit

The Super Babies: Academy of the Second S.M.S.B. Edit

Over a century after Mr. Stupid NoHead's fall, a new NoHead Order known as the One NoHeads had been founded by Mr. Devastating NoHead, the son of Mr. Quake NoHead. With thousands of NoHead servants at his disposal, Devastating swore that they would never repeat Mr. Stupid NoHead's mistakes such as letting scattered police officers live. However, unlike Mr. Stupid NoHead, Mr. Devastating NoHead did not adhere to the hierarchy of his predecessor, which caused many of his enemies to consider him a heretic and pretender. Mr. Devastating NoHead devised the Homosiety. The One was the NoHead Order itself, united under his leadership in order to bring order to the world. The One NoHeads ultimately ended up wiped out with Devastating's permanent destruction, with the NoHeads as a whole later being wiped out by Emma Austin, with Emma herself dying shortly afterwards.

Superquack II Edit

In the post-script scene, Mr. Stupid NoHead charges his son, Mean King, with finding duplicate examples of documents recovered from the ruined Archives of the Third NoHead Base to authenticate the findings. He vows that upon the rock for which he stands, he will rebuild his empire.


Family LineageEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead was born under the NoHeads, a sect of mutants who utilized the dark side to its limits. He was a direct descendant of their founder, Mr. Demonic NoHead. Following decades of interbreeding and involving both aliens and humans, the NoHeads would no longer be identified by their race, but by their dedication to the first philosophy. This order would survive in many different incarnations throughout world history. Despite seeing the rise of a new leader several times, the NoHeads would always be characterized by their lust for power and their desire to destroy the police. The NoHeads were the most infamous of all criminals. Throughout their long history, the NoHeads commanded several organizations and initiated four wars. Mr. Crooked NoHead, his father, would discover Mr. Stupid NoHead after discovering Mr. Blooded NoHead's resources.

Early LifeEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead was born in 1959 to Mr. Crooked NoHead and Mrs. Wretched NoHead, two members of the NoHead tribe. He spent the first few years of his life in a nursery under the care of robots, in a secret location in the NoHead base. Three years after NoHead was born, Mr. Crooked NoHead began to train him as an apprentice. He was raised brutally in their fortress and trained in their evil ways. The training of Mr. Stupid NoHead was focused on the honing of his powers and combat skills, as well as his natural talents. One winter, in the first five years of his role as an apprentice, NoHead accompanied his father, only to be subjected to intense cold and nearly froze to death. Mr. Crooked NoHead, unaffected by the biome’s freezing temperature, probed NoHead’s mind, forcing him to relive his worst memories, with the goal of extinguishing any lingering feeling of emotional attachment (though NoHead was not capable of love, so the latter failed). The NoHead’s overall goal was to use his son’s hate, anger and desperation for survival as a tool to destroy any vestiges of good in him, ensuring his evil was irrevocable. Were NoHead to give up, he would prove himself unworthy of the mantle; the young man endured, asking only when the trials would be over. Crooked also demonstrated a use of the mind-clouding technique by having his apprentice struggle to reach him, only to discover he had been a dopplegänger, and also subjected NoHead to deprivation of food, water and sleep.

In regard to the history of the NoHeads, Mr. Crooked NoHead was more than aware of the fact that Mr. Stupid NoHead’s desire to kill him would grow in time; only a true NoHead wanted to seize the mantle of Master through murder. But like many of his NoHead predecessors, NoHead was appalled by the tenet that commanded the training of the NoHead Master's eventual killer. NoHead had no intention of dying by his son’s hand, or anyone else’s for that matter. Instead, he intended to break the cycle started by Mr. Demonic NoHead and Mr. Ghastly NoHead decades ago. In order to do so, Mr. Crooked NoHead wished for no secrets or feelings of jealousy and mistrust to exist between Mr. Stupid NoHead and himself. In the long run of the Grand Plan, Crooked envisioned himself as the “power behind the throne” while Stupid carried out the villain’s interests.

Mr. Stupid NoHead, ever the academic with a desire for knowledge, yearned to learn more of the NoHead lore. However, his Master carefully concealed much information from his apprentice, and only intended to share his full knowledge at a gradual pace, depending on how much NoHead progressed. Among Mr. Crooked NoHead’s artifacts were databases that contained much of what Mr. Stupid NoHead desired to know. The police mistakenly believed that these databases sat in the Archives room in their station, but those were actually clever mental manipulations the NoHeads had caused.

The Search for the OrbEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead brought Bladepoint to the NoHead base, restraining him in an interrogation chair. When he awoke, he asked where his friends were, and NoHead told him he had no idea. He sensed he still wanted to kill him, and Bladepoint said it was because he was being hunted by a monster in a cloak. The dark warrior took off his hood and then asked about the Orb, but Bladepoint only gave him a few details of the Mystic's physical appearance. NoHead told him that he knew about the orb and that the NoHeads had the other two Prizes were in their hands (the latter part being a lie). Knowing he was resilient, NoHead warned him that he could take whatever he wanted from his mind. He touched his face and began probing his mind. At first, he felt loneliness and fear, and then he could see a bustling city and Bladepoint's private quarters. Then he sensed Sheriff Missile. NoHead could tell that Bladepoint looked at the Sheriff as a father figure, but he said that Missile would have only disappointed him. Finally, Bladepoint began to become more strongly resistant to his mental attacks. He soon turned the mental probing around on him, using the power within himself to see that Mr. Stupid NoHead himself was afraid—afraid that he would never be as strong as Mr. Demonic NoHead.

First NoHead WarEdit

The Battle of the NoHead BaseEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead commanded the robot troops to be on alert for Bladepoint as he began making his way through the base, as he knew that the longer he was able to tap into his powers while escaping, the more powerful he would become. During the search for Bladepoint, Commander Saul Cameron and Police Skyfighter Corps arrived at the NoHead base and assaulted its thermal oscillator, hoping to destroy it and set off a chain reaction that would blow up the base entirely before the weapon could destroy the police station. Also on the base were Sheriff Missile, Joseph, and Jean, who had arrived before the Skyfighter Corps in order to find Bladepoint and lower the shields. NoHead, who sensed Mr. Ghastly NoHead was in danger, prepared to enter the oscillator himself, ordered his troops to find Missile and the other intruders.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Missile, who hoped to bring his friend back to the light, saw the dark warrior in the oscillator and called to him. Mr. Ghastly NoHead said he had been waiting for this for a long time, and Missile told him that his friend was alive, but Ghastly did not believe it. Missile continued pleading with Ghastly to come back, and Ghastly, who was being watched by Joseph, Jean, and Bladepoint, finally took his sword and held it out to Missile, and Missile grabbed hold of it. However, Mr. Ghastly NoHead drew his sword and impaled the Sheriff directly through his heart. Sheriff Missile’s corpse fell into the bowels of the oscillator.

Enraged by the loss, Joseph fired a powerful shot from his gun and hit Mr. Ghastly NoHead in the side, seriously injuring the NoHead. The officer killed several other robots in the area as Jean and Bladepoint joined in. As Mr. Stupid NoHead arrived, Joseph saw him and ignited charges that he and Sheriff Missilr Solo set throughout the oscillator, causing a massive explosion that breached the oscillator and gave Saul and the remaining police Resistance pilots an opportunity to destroy it. As NoHead realized he coild not get Ghastly out in time, he quickly escaped the explosion and resolved to find Jean and Bladepoint before they could escape.

Mr. Stupid NoHead followed Jean and Bladepoint outside the oscillator, as they made their way back to the nearby police cruiser. He confronted them, sword drawn, and said that they still had unfinished business that Sheriff Missile could not save them from. Bladepoint tried to attack him with his gun, but NoHead used telekinesis to throw him into a wall and knock him unconscious. Left alone to confront the dark warrior, Jean ignited the sword that he had recovered from Mr. Ghastly NoHead in the oscillator. Despite the odds, Jean immediately engaged him in a sword duel that made for a short but brutal contest. After only delivering two failed thrusts, Jean was no match for NoHead’s power. Mr. Stupid NoHead overwhelmed and disarmed the Muggle, ending the fight with a sword blow across Jean’s back that left the Muggle comatose.

With the duel seemingly over, Mr. Stupid NoHead advanced on his fallen enemies, ready to send them into oblivion. However, Bladepoint recovered, dodging NoHead’s death blow. Bladepoint drew the weapon and engaged NoHead in a brief yet tense duel. Again, NoHead had the upper hand, remaining on the offensive as he pressed his attack against the retreating officer. Their blades became locked, and NoHead told the emerging mutant that it was he who could show him the path to power. Remembering what Sheriff Missile had warned him of, Bladepoint realized he could call upon his powers and prepared to use that to his advantage, breaking the blade-lock. Mr. Stupid NoHead prepared to resume the duel, advancing on his opponent.

Hiring Doctor RatiguiseEdit

Eventually, Mr. Stupid NoHead would marry Mrs. Twisted NoHead, a fellow NoHead he had met several years ago by unknown means. Although they would later work together well as NoHeads, the marriage appeared to be nothing more than an obligatory fulfillment of the NoHeads’ mutant marriage traditions. Unlike most of his fellow NoHeads, Mr. Stupid NoHead displayed no affection for his wife whatsoever, never even mentioning her in conversations.

In 2000, a year before Hell Burnbottom was born, Mr. Stupid NoHead was informed that Cherical McSnake hacked into enemy files. Although he did not know it was an accident, it is likely that NoHead would not care if he did know. Hoping to stop Cherical from causing the NoHeads any harm, Mr. Stupid NoHead hired Doctor Ratiguise to hunt down and destroy Cherical, promising to pay him a reward of 20,000 dollars if he brought in Cherical alive. Ratiguise quickly tracked down Cherical and found him on a walk. However, Cherical found Charity Hirz during the subsequent chase. Although she barely knew Cherical, she sacrificed herself to save him. Doctor Ratiguise angrily fired at Charity, but Charity threw up a magnetic shield and killed Ratiguise by repelling his blasts. Mr. Stupid NoHead would find out about this later.

The Training of Hell Burnbottom Edit

Despite the intensity in their marriage, Mr. Stupid NoHead and Mrs. Twisted NoHead did, notably enough, give birth to three incredibly talented children - Hell Burnbottom, Brute Gunray, and Mean King. NoHead trained all three of them, though he specifically fancied Burnbottom. As such, NoHead took him up and began to train him as his heir. Although Burnbottom could endure extreme amounts of pain, nothing could have prepared young Burnbottom for the brutality of NoHead’s training. Despite NoHead’s harshness, Hell Burnbottom held the utmost respect for the man, and was fanatically loyal.

One day, in 2014, after a torturous session with a computer console on a number of questions and some exercises, Burnbottom had wandered over to the ring, where NR-1119, code-name Fox, wielded a wooden staff and instructed him to dodge his blows in yet another exercise. The first two strikes hit Burnbottom, though he managed to evade the next two; then, Fox span and threw the staff at Burnbottom, hitting him in the face. Before Fox could retrieve the staff, an enraged Burnbottom unconsciously summoned the weapon. Surprised, Fox reported this discovery to Mr. Stupid NoHead. NoHead asked Burnbottom how he felt during the exercise, and Burnbottom said he had felt angry. NoHead grinned with satisfaction and ordered Fox to prepare his cruiser for liftoff.

When Hell Burnbottom was very young—so young that he would remember few memories prior to this—Mr. Stupid NoHead took him to the police station, both of them disguised as tourists. NoHead’s command of the dark side was sufficient to keep both himself and Burnbottom from being spotted by the police, so long as they did not actually enter the station. As the building was not open to tourists, there was very little risk of discovery. For the better part of a day, they stood there, and NoHead pointed out to Burnbotttom the various faces of individual police as they entered and left the station, whispering into his apprentice’s ear of the police’s ultimate destruction. Burnbottom would long remember the thrill of seeing his foes, standing in their presence, hearing about their downfall, as they walked past, not one of them aware of the fate that ultimately awaited them.

Death of Mrs. Twisted NoHeadEdit

There, NoHead plied Twisted with wine while rehearsing the acceptance speech he would soon deliver. Twisted soon fell into an alcohol-induced sleep, and NoHead saw his chance. With his wife’s guard completely down, NoHead blasted Twisted’s headpiece apart with lightning. This woke Twisted but, being inebriated and half-asleep, the woman could do nothing to stop her husband. NoHead took the opportunity to mock Twisted, informing her as to just how thoroughly he had manipulated her, all the while sending additional blasts of lightning, causing immense pain to his wife as she slowly suffocated. In addition, NoHead revealed he had never loved her at all, and told her the true origins of their marriage. He then drew his sword and brought it down on her. After his wife finally succumbed to death, NoHead felt a monumental shift in the dark side, which he interpreted as the dark side anointing him as the tool it would use to take over the universe. However, he then felt another shift, and feared for a few moments that this second shift was a forewarning that Mrs. Twisted NoHead had overcome her death in some fashion and was about to take her revenge. However, Mr. Stupid NoHead quickly reasoned that this was not the case, though he would not discover the reason behind this second shift for some time.

Destruction of the NoHeads Edit

When Mr. Stupid NoHead was 34 years old, Paige invaded the NoHead base along with the entire police army, slaughtering venerable NoHeads without remorse. NoHead hid in a closet during the carnage, and eventually left it to find the police leaving. From the shadows, he telekinetically disarmed Paige. He then leaped on the police, using all his powers he usually concealed in order to win. The police fought back, but despite their best efforts, they were ultimately forced into retreat. Because Paige had already achieved her goal, Mr. Stupid NoHead was the only NoHead left in existence.

Between the WarsEdit

After the purge, Mr. Stupid NoHead tried desperately to rebuild the NoHeads and their army, and clean up the bloodstained NoHead base. He also had what was left of the robots begin work on the Wasp, which was a battle station.

Recruiting Rotta HecksEdit

In the mix, he encountered a girl named Rotta Hecks, who was extremely powerful, but extremely fearful of her powers. He introduced himself, though Rotta was horrified that he was there. A brief skirmish ensued until NoHead made it clear that he had no intention of harming her, and had invited her to join the NoHeads. The two were visibly drawn to each other at this point, and NoHead was able to soothe her fears before offering her to join the NoHeads and find her true place. Rotta was immediately infatuated with him. Impressed by her amazing power, NoHead manipulated Rotta into killing her own mother, sealing her tie to the dark side, as an ancient dark side covenant required the latter to kill a dark side enemy that was close to them. With the passing of her beloved parents, Rotta had no choice but to join the NoHeads. Generally, NoHead treated her more decently than his sons. Rotta secretly carried out several assignments for NoHead and trained with him for a full year. At age seventeen, Mr. Stupid NoHead made her his sidekick, something Rotta had been looking forward to.

Encounter with SeanEdit

The following week, in August, Mr. Stupid NoHead met Sean after Brute Gunray brought the mutant to the former. Sean had been conducting a year-long search for the NoHeads. In the NoHead Base, NoHead interrogated him, though Sean insisted that he only wanted to join the NoHeads. Finally, NoHead told him he could join if he could pass a test he would personally set before him. He took him to NR-327, who attacked Sean with low-energy bullets. Finally, he threw one back via telekinesis, before diving in and ripping apart the robot in a rage. Satisfied, NoHead told him he had passed, and anointed him as a NoHead apprentice.

Discovery of AnnabethEdit

The following month, Mr. Stupid NoHead discovered Annabeth, realizing her power from the beginning. Annabeth agreed to leave her parents and join him, despite only being seventeen years old. Her parents insisted that she could not join the dark side, but NoHead killed them to silence the matter and proceeded to Disapparate away with her. They rematerialized in the NoHead Base. Here, NoHead showed her around and showed her a selection of combat uniforms for NoHeads. Annabeth ultimately chose a leather crop-top and jeans, which would give her free movement on the battlefield. Annabeth would often skip out on training sessions, and as a result she was wimpy to some degree.

The Final TestEdit

Eventually, the time came for Hell Burnbottom’s final test. Mr. Stupid NoHead sent him out to a remote and isolated area of Alaska, where he was hunted by robot soldiers for a month. At the end of the month, Burnbottom found NoHead waiting at the mouth of a cave. Burnbottom was exhausted, and had not eaten for days. Regardless, NoHead challenged Burnbottom to a duel, in which Burnbottom was easily defeated. NoHead stood over the broken man, and told him that he had been preparing another apprentice, should Burnbottom fail as he had. Enraged, Hell Burnbottom flew at NoHead with murderous intent. Mr. Stupid NoHead was caught off guard, but was able to disarm Burnbottom. Even without a weapon, Burnbottom continued to attack, even going so far as to bite NoHead’s hand before being ultimately defeated. Pleased, NoHead announced that Burnbottom’s training was complete, and that he was now a NoHead.

The NoHead WolvesEdit

When Mr. Stupid NoHead traveled to Yellowstone National Park in 2016, he rounded up many wolves there in yet another step to compensate for the Attack on the NoHead Base. Returned to base via several cruisers, one of which NoHead himself piloted, they were stored in an underground chamber in his emergency base, where they were fed two police victims, amid others.

A few years later, Rotta married Greg Hecks, though the man she loved ultimately was Mr. Stupid NoHead himself. Greg and Rotta decided to have their own son in good time.

Discovery of Qamar Edit

When Annabeth learned of a fight between Qamar's mother and a group of slavers, Mr. Stupid NoHead personally deployed a large military force to Bridgeton under his command. During the battle, NoHead defeated Ken in a brief duel and discovered the latter's son. Seeing his father's death, Qamar demonstrated his reflexive telekinesis by pulling NoHead's sword out of his hand. Impressed by Qamar's potential in the dark side, NoHead abducted the younger Qamar shortly after he killed the boy's father and a squad of robots in order to keep Qamar's existence a secret. He endeavored to teach the ways of the dark side to his new disciple, whom he first controlled through fear before training Qamar to harness his anger and other base emotions.

Second NoHead WarEdit

First Confrontation Edit

Four years later he found that his newest recruit, Rotta Hecks, was pregnant. NoHead was unaware if the baby would follow Rotta’s path, and kept a close watch until his birth. A month later he unleashed a robot on the city to lure the baby to him. The plan worked, and he found the baby, Peter, on the case. There, the NoHead master and infant legend dueled in a battle that destroyed a good portion of the junkyard.

The two combatants demonstrated amazing strength and skill, as well as fencing prowess. The battle ended in a draw after NoHead’s lightning was returned to him in a blast so powerful that it pushed the two mutants apart. Peter slammed into a lightning rod on the adjoining building, but NoHead fell several stories. NoHead realized that he could not defeat Peter, and decided that re-engaging him would only result in failure. A moment later, Peter appeared and disarmed him quickly. Outmatched, NoHead promised to flee the city in exchange for his life.

Meeting Sebiscuits Edit

Soon after, Mr. Stupid NoHead captured the Mayor and held her captive aboard his base, the Wasp. The news of her capture shocked the town, and many believed that they were on the verge of collapse. Arriving on the Wasp, NoHead took charge of the prisoner, leaving Rotta to command the sky battle outside.

Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits mounted a rescue mission to save the Mayor. They boarded the NoHead base and began to fight their way through its defenses. NoHead observed the pair, and arrived at the holding cell flanked by two robot soldiers. At this point, the S.M.S.B. was already about to free the Mayor. He made a flipping leap from the balcony to the main floor, his sword in hand, and ordered the babies to surrender. Intelligence stated that he no longer trusted NoHead, and he would not escape this time.

The babies charged at NoHead together, with the villain retreating, on the defensive. During a standoff, Sebiscuits told NoHead he was a superhero. NoHead, confident that his plan was about to unfold, remarked that he was wrong, certain that the babies would lose. Although both had improved, they opened with basic sword techniques. When both babies suddenly changed their saber styles mid-battle, and began to wear down the NoHead’s defenses, NoHead, who had initially been toying with them, was caught off guard, but was able to readjust his tactics for a more serious confrontation.

Eventually, NoHead slammed Baby Intelligence to the floor, only to have Sebiscuits force him up the stairs. The droids that had accompanied NoHead attacked Intelligence, who easily destroyed them both. As Intelligence rejoined the duel, NoHead was able to gain the advantage when he strangled Intelligence and kicked Sebiscuits into a wall at the same time. The villain then telekinetically hurled Intelligence across the room into the railing on the leftmost side of the balcony. Getting to his feet, Sebiscuits carried on the fight alone.

As their one-on-one duel reached the main floor, NoHead taunted Sebiscuits. This proved to be a mistake, however—Sebiscuits was indeed afraid, afraid of losing Baby Inteligence. The taunt enraged Sebiscuits, and he channeled his hatred of NoHead into his swordplay.

Refusing to be intimidated by the NoHead’s victory over Baby Intelligence, Sebiscuits came at NoHead in a frenzied demonstration of Ataru, hammering NoHead’s defenses. He quickly gained the advantage. With a swift maneuver, he proceeded to disarm the antagonist, doubly rendering NoHead at the baby’s mercy.

The Mayor commended Sebiscuits’ victory and encouraged him to deliver the deathblow. Despite hesitating for a moment, Sebiscuits would have run him through had he not blasted away. He left the base to the safety of a battleship.

Shortly after the battle, Mr. Stupid NoHead contacted Rotta informing her that a new base needs to be built in Palmyra, and informed her that the war’s conclusion drew closer. When Rotta protested that the loss of the Wasp would mean the end of the NoHeads, NoHead informed her that it was of little concern, and he would soon cement a new apprentice who would be “the greatest NoHead of all.”

Turning Sebiscuits Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead spent much time attempting to turn Sebiscuits, Baby Intelligence's first comrade, to the dark side. Finally, Sebiscuits chose him over Paige, and his journey was complete.At the same time, Mr. Stupid NoHead was sowing similar seeds of doubt into the mind of Sebiscuits, Baby Intelligence's first comrade. The baby was afraid there was no meaning in his life. NoHead promised the infant to open his mind to the NoHead knowledge of sustaining or creating life, which — as he claimed — was the only way to find his purpose and avenge those whom he hated.

When Yoda entered the Valley of the Dark Lords on Moraband during a quest to uncover immortality, NoHead and Rotta Hecks sensed his presence and convened at their base. Just then, Sebiscuits came visiting. NoHead spoke with him for an hour, then sent him away. The former immediately used a magical incantation to cast a dark illusion to ensnare Baby Intelligence. The ploy worked and Baby Intelligence raced to the NoHead Base with Paige. Inside, they pursued the NoHeads with Paige and a squad of robots. As the battle unfolded, Baby Intelligence refused to sacrifice Paige to pursue NoHead, and instead demonstrated he was willing to sacrifice himself to save the young woman. NoHead's illusion faltered: the S.M.S.B. leader won.

Eventually, the inevitable confrontation emerged, and NoHead revealed, at the Globes Opera House, that he intended to train Sebiscuits as an apprentice. Sebiscuits nearly killed NoHead on the spot. However, after Mr. Stupid NoHead implied that such an action would result in Sebiscuits' fall to the Dark Side and the loss of any chance of happiness, Sebiscuits instead returned to the MBH and notified Baby Intelligence.

Confrontation in the Grandmaster's OfficeEdit

A New ApprenticeEdit

With Paige eliminated, NoHead regarded Sebiscuits. At last the baby was where the NoHead needed him to be; isolated and willing to murder his former friends. Desperate to find acceptance, as well as his true destiny, Sebiscuits had effectively sacrificed an ally, perfectly fulfilling the NoHead covenant that commanded the slaughter of one who was close. With no other place to turn, he finally yielded to NoHead’s temptations, asking only that he love him for what he was. To smooth the transition, NoHead soothed his fears, and his conscience. So for the second time he openly promised Sebiscuits that he would be his friend. This was strictly a deception, meant to turn Sebiscuits away from the fold. Sebiscuits went down on bended knee before NoHead and pledged himself to the NoHeads.

Like Rotta, Sebiscuits had to demonstrate his allegiance through decisive action. NoHead had already convinced him that the S.M.S.B. was conspiring to take power, so it was easy to nudge him into the right frame of mind, reminding him that they would no stop until their ranks were extinct, and if he were gone, what hope did Sebiscuits have? To this end, he placed under Sebiscuits’ command a special robot unit and sent them off to the police station. Operation: Purge would prove successful, and the station would soon be ablaze.

In cutting down the most vulnerable members of the Order to whom he had once sworn allegiance, Sebiscuits would tie himself firmly to the NoHead cause. The slight chance that he could try to return to his old life would become nonexistent. Sebiscuits performed splendidly; through the night Sebiscuits led his troops through the corridors in an orgy of carnage. Almost unopposed, Sebiscuits’ blade and the robots butchered the police. When Sebiscuits and the robots completed their errand, the police station was but a smoking ruin. Sebiscuits dueled Baby Intelligence afterwards, and was soon interceded by NoHead.

Operation: Purge Edit

While Sebiscuits attacked the station, NoHead saw to the other police. After five decades of planning, the time for revenge had come. His instrument was, of course, his Grand Army. The Human Replicas were all replicas of children. The police would not see it coming; they would not know the children were really robots.

Still in his laboratory, NoHead reached out to key a special frequency via hologram. He contacted the various Replicas to issue a single command: Wipe out the police. With each repetition of the order, his satisfaction grew. He could sense what was happening—not in detail, but he felt the dark side growing stronger with each death.

On 200 fronts, police suddenly found themselves facing the guns of who they thought were children. The Replicas performed spectacularly; an official estimate indicated that out of nearly 900 police, fewer than 50 survived the assault - 95% of the organization had been eliminated at a stroke.

So enthused was NoHead by this long-anticipated victory that after issuing the order, he went to the police station himself, to see the fruit of his labors in person. Indeed, he had no choice but to go, so long had he worked and waited for this moment. In the local library, he found Sebiscuits finishing off a small group of police and the librarian, Isabella Koon. Sebiscuits knelt in obedience, and NoHead praised him, telling him he had done well and his power would soon be unequaled. He then told him to go to the MBH as planned. They separated again, leaving Sebiscuits to see to his second task. For there were still a few remaining loose ends: the S.M.S.B. itself.

Rescue Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead had promised to intervene in the unlikely event that Baby Intelligence gained the upper hand. Finally, he left the police station and flew to the state capitol. After entering the building, NoHead found everyone inside had been murdered, to his delight. Crossing the halls in search of Sebiscuits, NoHead located Greg Hecks, who had survived the assault. Terrified, Greg drew his gun and attempted to shoot NoHead, but NoHead used his sword to deflect the shots and freeze Greg with a telekinetic technique. He then threw Greg to the ground and interrogated him. Greg baffled NoHead by being completely unafraid of him, saying that he welcomed death. NoHead probed his mind and quickly sensed Greg was not a NoHead at all. Using his sword, NoHead murdered Greg in a rage without gaining anything. However, he had deduced that he should follow the path to find the two duelists, and that Rotta had deceived Greg into thinking she was harmless. After retracing the steps down to the kitchen, NoHead Apparated outside. He then boarded his personal fighter and flew to the roof, where he saw Baby Intelligence had disarmed Sebiscuits and was about to kill him. NoHead quickly fired on Intelligence, knocking him aside, before ordering a shocked Sebiscuits into the fighter. The two NoHeads took off for the NoHead base.

Attack on the Kellerman House Edit

At some point during the war, when Mr. Stupid NoHead was at the height of his dominion, a prophecy was given by the prophet which predicted the fall of the Dark Lord. This prophecy was given in a hotel during an interview.

This prophecy was overheard by the NoHead and informant Hadeline. However, Hadeline only heard half of the prophecy and was then thrown out by the hotel manager, who had caught her eavesdropping at the door. She relayed to Mr. Stupid NoHead what she had heard, not realizing that she had missed an important part of the message. In any case, NoHead received only the first part of the prophecy. Feeling threatened, he sprang into action to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy.

There were, at the time, two babies to whom the prophecy could have referred — Peter Hecks, the son of Rotta and Greg Hecks; and Lindsay Kellerman, the daughter of Bridgett and Zach Kellerman. Both families had sought to thwart NoHead three times, and both families supported the police fully. Both children in question were born in 2019 and were extremely young mutants. Having already taken on Peter several times, NoHead chose to target Lindsay instead of Peter.

After a long search, Mr. Stupid NoHead discovered the identity of the Kellerman’s Secret keeper, Hadeline, and was told of their location. With the Kellerman’s Taboo broken, NoHead simply walked into their home one night and proceeded to interrogate and murder Zach and Bridgett. However, when he turned to Lindsay, she disappeared and his lightning rebounded off her invisible form. This happened because Bridgett’s death prompted Lindsay to fight back. Defeated, NoHead left in a rage.

Final Battle and First Death Edit

Very soon after, the S.M.S.B. arrived at the NoHead base. Notified of their presence, NoHead dispatched a legion of robotic fighters to deal with them, confident it would suffice. As he looked on, Baby Intelligence led the other S.M.S.B. members in a fierce sky battle near his base. They immediately engaged large numbers of NoHead fighters. Intelligence ordered his trainees to disengage, and destroyed large numbers of the enemy fighters with his proton torpedoes.

Pursued by yet more enemy fighters, he ordered his apprentices to fire all their missiles to their left. While confused, they did as they were told. Baby Intelligence flew past the ship as the missiles started arriving; the missiles hit the swarm of fighters pursuing him, destroying a large number of them. Trailed by missiles, Intelligence flew toward the fence guarding the base. The missiles collided with the fence and destroyed it. At this point, NoHead chose to deal with them personally. Meanwhile, sustained gunfire from the S.M.S.B. ships destroyed a turbolaser cannon.

Only a few NoHead fighters remained, but a mysterious ship appeared engaged the S.M.S.B. forces. Baby Intelligence recognized the fighter to be Mr. Stupid NoHead and personally engaged the fighter, pursuing it into the NoHead base and through its halls. When NoHead disappeared, the baby made no attempt to follow.

The sky battle over, NoHead returned to his private quarters and drew the metal tube, his last resort for killing Baby Intelligence. He then returned to a high balcony overlooking the lobby. Hell Burnbottom then proceeded to torture the S.M.S.B. members until Baby Intelligence arrived. NoHead, who had been anticipating the arrival of the S.M.S.B., revealed that 1,000 Rockets awaited the S.M.S.B. task force, as well as numerous Bratpros. The new Rocket army of the NoHeads overwhelmed the reinforcements, and Paige was forced to retreat while NoHead observed from the balcony.

Mr. Stupid NoHead did not join the battle personally, though this gave him time to realize that Rotta was responsible for the casualties they had suffered from Baby Intelligence. This he believed because she had a chance to raise him to their cause. He told Rotta this. NoHead then attacked Rotta with lightning; Rotta barely blocked the beam with her own, and they locked together and clashed. As both beams collided and connected, Hell Burnbottom backed away to a wall behind Rotta. Rotta attempted several times to direct her lightning (still locked in battle with NoHead) towards Hell Burnbottom, with lightning tendrils popping off from the main beam, but was unsuccessful and instead hit three fireplaces near Burnbottom, causing tiles to explode and parts of the wall to come crashing down on the wooden floors. NoHead realized the connection between the two beams were moving much closer to his position, so he released beams from between the bolts that killed Rotta and slammed her corpse off the balcony.

With that, Baby Intelligence’s rage exploded. He climbed to the top of the balcony for a fight, in which NoHead had a far greater advantage. After subjecting Intelligence to two lightning strikes and a violent energy wave, he prepared to finish off his enemy once and for all. However, Intelligence retaliated and pushed him away. He tapped into the dark side, using his hate and anger to boost his physical prowess. He then attacked NoHead with such intensity that the energy shells of their swords began to short out. NoHead, taken completely off guard by Intelligence’s sudden increase in power and aggression, was forced onto his back foot and quickly driven into the room behind the balcony. Intelligence continued to hammer NoHead with vicious power attacks until NoHead lost his footing and collapsed against a wall. After a few more blows, Baby Intelligence drove NoHead’s sword aside with an undercut, causing him to collapse onto the floor.

As Baby Intelligence held his defenseless enemy at bladepoint, NoHead fought back with the metal tube, knocking his opponent back to the balcony. He then pushed him off and followed. Intelligence proceeded to snatch the metal tube. NoHead attacked Intelligence with lightning, which Baby Intelligence countered with a cord of red light. As both attacks collided producing a heating magma effect and the two bolts connected, Force Baby alerted Baby Strength to their battle. NoHead attempts several times to direct his lightning (still locked in battle with Baby Intelligence) in all directions, with lightning tendrils popping off from the main beam, and in his rage hits the balcony and walls, causing chairs to explode and parts of the walls to come crashing down on the metal floors.

Mr. Stupid NoHead slashed his hand to break the connection and with his hand, quickly breathed fire and conjured a huge, fiery cord. The fire, which was not corporeal, realized the presence of Baby Intelligence, rearing and striking down with exposed fangs in an attempt to devour him. Baby Intelligence backed up and then gathered the flames for himself whirling them into a fiery ring like mass, and sends them hurtling towards NoHead. NoHead took the hit and was blown away in a mass of sparks.

Days later, Hell Burnbottom led Brute Gunray and Mean King in performing a ritual to bring NoHead back to life.

Postmortem Edit

Even though Mr. Stupid NoHead’s second death prevented him from ever returning to Earth, his legacy would endure long after his ultimate defeat. His entire reign led to the world’s ruin and the deaths of hundreds of millions, especially in North America. The leading members and facets of the government also managed to survive despite the NoHeads’ eighty-year reign, even though it had to reform somewhat from the damage caused by the NoHeads. There were even people who craved for another one of his returns, most notably Thomas Meyer.


In 2027, the ghost of Mr. Stupid NoHead possessed Darren Slade. Under NoHead's control, Darren committed many crimes throughout the next few months. Darren was terrified, knowing something had happened to him, but not knowing what. The unusual amount of illicit activity was eventually sensed by Master Intelligence, who quickly found the source and engaged Darren in combat. Eventually, Master Intelligence won the duel and was then able to help Slade eject NoHead from his body, and Darren was more himself. NoHead's soul fled in a rage.


Mr. Stupid NoHead returned to the Rochester forest, weaker than ever. He had to wait yet again for someone to help him. He located the ghost of Hell Burnbottom in 2026, who had been feeding off snakes. In January 2030, he saw his chance to free Whammo Fireball, Cygnus Evans, and Darren Slade, and he committed a mass breakout from Beta Prison, setting the three long-imprisoned men loose. Mr. Stupid NoHead's ghost had little trouble arranging this, as many of the jail guards were frightened by the mere look of him. In firing a huge beam at the wall, the wall cracked and exploded. Whammo and Cygnus joined him in the forests. This incident was later reported in the newspaper.

Two months after the breakout, Mr. Stupid NoHead’s soul tracked down Jonathan, a boy taking refuge in a graveyard, planning to take his life as his own. However, the boy had seen him coming. Worried for his life, the boy took up the Sword of Abomination, which he had acquired a few years back. He seized it up quickly and vanquished NoHead’s evil spirit. NoHead was destroyed for good, ceasing to exist by extension. Even though this event prevented his spirit from ever returning to the mortal plane, it did not stop his son, Hell Burnbottom, from returning to life in 2033 and continuing the NoHead war for another two years, though this ultimately saw the end of the NoHeads for good when he died a second time.


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  • In the first book, Mr. Stupid NoHead's eyes are shown to be yellow, as it is stated in the novelization. However, in "The Second Hero" and "The S.M.S.B.", NoHead has red eyes. He also has yellow eyes in "Zero to Hero" and "The Last Battle", so his eyes are probably yellow and the red a mistake.
  • When D. Isaac Thomas learned that an article had been published in the newspaper titled "Why Obama is probably the inspiration for Mr. Stupid NoHead", Thomas insisted that NoHead "wasn't nearly as evil."
  • D. Isaac Thomas has claimed that Mr. Stupid NoHead is entirely incapable of love, though for a time he would not reveal why. However, a Twitter post confirmed that it was because he had come from a loveless union; his entire life had been spent into the darkness. This also explains why he has never been depicted in a positive way.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead is often considered by fans as one of the most evil fictional villains ever. Nevertheless, a fanfiction was written in which NoHead survives the Second Battle of the NoHead Base, joins the Light, and finds he is actually capable of loving another. However, this was not canon.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead is definitely one of the most serious D.I.T. villains, as he never makes any kind of joke and he always maintains his frightening and villainous image no matter what the situation.
  • In 2019, Mr. Stupid NoHead performed a rap battle with Baby Intelligence. At the end, NoHead lost his temper and killed Baby Intelligence and the announcer before electrocuting everyone in the audience.

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Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Stupid NoHead is considered as one of the (if not the) darkest and most evil of all of D. Isaac Thomas' villains, even more than Emily Watson. In fact, he is often considered by fans as one of the most evil fictional characters of all time. Ideally, he was meant by Thomas to be as evil and as vile as possible because of what he represents in The Super Babies: Book I: Pride of the Super Babies.
  • When Mr. Stupid NoHead dies in the Fire Room, it clearly meant to symbolize that his soul is now trapped in eternal damnation in the satanic fires of Hell for all eternity as punishment for his actions and ending his tyranny once and for all.
  • Mr. Stupid NoHead is definitely one of the most serious D.I.T. villains, as he never makes any kind of joke and he always maintains his frightening and villainous image no matter what the situation.
  • When asked what Mr. Stupid NoHead's voice sounds like, Thomas said, "Sauron".
    • Ironically, it was briefly implied long before that that Andy Serkis would have been a good voice actor for Mr. Stupid NoHead, should The Super Babies be made into a movie. This was later revealed to be a joke.

Mythological allegory Edit

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead’s appearance is comparable to that of the Evil Queen’s witch form in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Coincidentally, both of their disfigured appearances had some relation to lightning that they summoned (the Queen added lightning to a potion as part of an ingredient to fashion a disguise for herself and NoHead’s body ended up disfigured as a result of lightning, amid other things, involved in his torture machine activated by Paige).

Harry Potter Edit

Mr. Stupid NoHead has several similarities to Lord Voldemort as well. Both of them grew up virtually friendless. Both of them "will never know love, nor friendship." Both wear cloaks daily. Both are very stoic. Both have started wars (the Second Wizarding War and the Second NoHead War, respectively). Both have devised plans to come back to life. Both of their archenemies are unusual children (Harry Potter and Baby Intelligence). Both recieved no love from their fathers. Both have an army and both operate through fear.

In addition, Mr. Stupid NoHead’s defeat and death in The Super Babies: Prequel IV: The Last Battle mimics that of Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where both are tortured unintentionally by their archenemy (who is a child) and then their bodies essentially explode. Neither of them are truly deceased.

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