Template:Infobox characterMr. Dangerous is the primary antagonist of "The Rescuers Save the World." He is killed by Bernard, who is now a superhero. He has also hired Tiny, a puppy, to help him, though Tiny ultimately defects.

Biography Edit

Mr. Dangerous

Mr. Dangerous, moments before his death.

To the end of destroying the world, Mr. Dangerous built the Destructor 4000. Finally, he attempted to pull a knife on Bernard while he slept, but Bianca was able to wake him. Furious, Mr. Dangerous boarded his machine and attempted to kill the mice. After the destruction of the Destructor 4000, Mr. Dangerous was destroyed by Bianca.

Personality and Traits Edit

Personality-wise, Mr. Dangerous is very charismatic, calm, and calculating, but can easily be sent into a violent rage at the mention of his enemies or by the incompetence of his minions. He has a very dark, malicious sense of humor and an inflated ego. From the start, the only thing he has desired is power, which he hopes to achieve through destruction. He is also noted to be despicable and merciless.

Appearances Edit