Last Dominion was a planned co-operative action-adventure video game, published by D. Isaac Thomas and Jackson, cancelled due to the two collaborators losing contact with each other as well as a lack of resources.


The opening cutscene explains the backgrounds of the two protagonists. Andrew has military origins while Harper’s origins revolve around the deep sea.

The story takes place on an island that was heavily damaged by a nuclear missile. It had been a testing site for a nuclear program but the natives there became zombies. A ship-wreck happened and Andrew and Harper were stranded on the island — different parts of it. Andrew has a pistol and Harper has a knife on them so they can fight the zombies and get better weapons.

After a couple of missions, they come by a communicator and decide to communicate with each other and decide to meet together in the middle of the island so they can find a way home.

There are several missions and in the second to final one Harper tells Andrew her dark secret, which nearly turns him against her but fortunately he comes to his senses.

In the final mission, they meet and fight against Randy the Tyrannosaurus, a Zombie T-Rex that had been hidden on the island. He summons legions of zombies and attacks by chomping down on them. And if you kill his zombie allies, he will walk over to their corpses, eat it, and regain health. But he can’t eat and fight at the same time. Having earned a longsword, Harper uses it cuts off his leg, so he can’t walk like he would have done, so he can no longer regain health. Andrew and Harper attack him. In spite of his fearsome powers, however, Randy is defeated when his leg is severed and Andrew and Harper unleash a flurry of attacks against a crippled Randy. As a result, the island and the natives return to normal and the two characters go back to civilization with the things they obtained on the island knowing they might have to face zombies again someday. But they will be ready this time.



D. Isaac Thomas began developing this game in October 2018 along with a partner assigned to him, Jackson. They quickly developed a synopsis for the game and they told of their ideas to their teacher, who believed they were off to a good start. They began working independently to create gaming sprites for the primary characters. While Thomas worked primarily on Formidability and Randy, Jackson worked primarily on Cobra and the zombies.

Unfortunately, it was announced on January 6, 2019, that Last Dominion was cancelled due to the two collaborators losing contact with each other. The two also lacked the resources needed to complete the production of the game, and losing contact negated their goals of finding out how to obtain them.


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Last Dominion

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