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Template:Infobox character June Barton was a female Togruta Jedi Padawan who attended the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at the same time as Ronald Potter’s attendance there. In her second year of attendance, she became the girlfriend of a fellow student, a Human named Ammon Kendels. She was a skilled droid creator.

Appearances Edit

Ronald Potter and the Gamorrean from Coruscant Edit

In 199 BBY, during her eleventh year at the Jedi Temple, June became the girlfriend of Ammon Kendels, something she expected Ronald Potter to know. During a droid project in the same year she was assigned to work with Annabeth Skywalker, Eegan Reich, and Ammon, and they built a cafeteria droid together.

Ronald Potter and the Labyrinth of Doom Edit

She stayed to fight in the Battle of the Jedi Temple when it commenced. Near the end of the battle, she fought against Darth Tenebrous alongside Annabeth and Ammon. When Darth Tenebrous nearly hit Annabeth, Librarian Lackbar stepped in and defeated the Sith Lord.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

June was adept at using the Force. She also was a moderately skilled lightsaber duelist, as she was able to engage Eegan, but lose to him, and spar against Darth Tennebrous (albeit with Ammon Kendels and Annabeth Skywalker helping her). She was also a skilled droid creator, as she won first prize at the Science Fair and was the “ideas guy” for the droid project in Ronald’s second year.