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It wasn’t long before the boys found out about Helen’s mobile weapon. Because Steven knew a counterattack had to be prepared, he called the Boys together to discuss his plan. They prepared a group of skyfighters to penetrate the station’s superlaser, and hopefully the entire station. He hoped the Boy-Team bombers could outmaneuver it and bomb the spherical center. They hoped to destroy Emily Watson and Helen McKeen in the process. After explaining the full plan, the boys filed out toward their ships and took off. Soon the Bow-Tie was close in range.

The BattleEdit

Sky BattleEdit

Inside the Bow-Tie, Natalia Thornton contacted Emily Watson and Helen McKeen, the leaders of the Girl-Team. In a panic, she told them that the Boy Team had launched a squad of fighters to attack their base. Confidently, Emily told her to let them come. Helen warned her not to underestimate Steven, and pointed out that the Boy-Team had sent some of their best warriors. Emily rebuffed Helen, telling her that she and Natalia worried too much, and Steven would surely underestimate them.

When the boys reached the station, Summer reported fighters coming in. The next moment, both sides opened fire. Most of the Girl-Team fighters evaded the fleet, but one of them was destroyed by Jay. As they neared the ship, the turbolaser cannons opened fire, taking out Robert Angel. Anakin shook his head as he flew past the explosion. Inside the Bow-Tie, the impatient Natalia asked if they could fire, and Emily gave her permission to. As they charged the superlaser, the turbolasers finally clipped Steven’s wing. His fighter spun out of control and somehow went flying into an unshielded doorway in the station. His fighter screeched to a halt. Meanwhile, the superlasers began to charge. On Anakin’s command, all the ships launched their torpedoes toward the giant cannon charging the superlaser. The superlaser’s cannon took a hit; explosions ruptured the Bow-Tie’s center. Helen fired another superlaser, but it stopped midair and vaporized as another explosion tore at the hull. Natalia reported the loss of the superlaser and shield generator to Helen. Helen was outraged and demanded to know where Emily was, but Natalia claimed she did not know.

Meanwhile, Summer reported the damage to her relieved comrades, and declared it was time to open fire and tear the station down.

Steven’s MissionEdit

Meanwhile, Steven left his ship and cut down a platoon of Girl-Team robots. Steven then headed toward an elevator. Suddenly, the elevator screeched to a halt, forcing Steven to climb out. At the end of the room, Emily awaited him. She ignited her lightsaber. Then she lunged at Steven, beginning a brief yet fierce duel with the latter. The clash led Steven and Emily into the observation tower next door.

Soon, Steven disarmed Emily and seized the advantage. He offered her anonymity if she would surrender. Emily claimed Steven’s victory was not to last. Before Steven could reply, Summer contacted him and said that while the boys had destroyed the Bow-Tie’s shield generator, the ship’s hull was too strong for their laser cannons, meaning they would have to destroy it from the inside. Steven rushed to help, leaving Emily behind.

Summer was waiting when Steven arrived. The ships had stopped firing on the Bow-Tie. Although their laserfire had set a few small fires, the boys had ultimately given up penetrating the hull. Summer told him they would plant bombs in the main control center, causing a chain reaction. Their Plan B would involve taking the controls and driving the Bow-Tie into space. There, the Bow-Tie would freeze and crack.

Before they left, Summer told Andrew Hendersen and Micheal Watson to go after them if they did not return in the next 45 minutes. Andrew and Micheal both obliged. With that, Steven and Summer boarded their fighters and flew to the mildly disabled Bow-Tie. They entered the battle station without effort. Two girls spotted them, but they were cut down. Steven and Summer proceeded for the higher levels. They headed onto a tower and cut down two more robots. Emily saw this via camera and chose to fight Steven personally. Summoning a group of robots, Emily departed and ordered Helen to stay put.

Emily quickly found Steven, just as her quarry neared the control station. As she threatened him, she also wondered where Summer was. Hordes of robots poured in and opened fire. Steven’s lightsaber worked in a blur to deflect all their bullets, but he knew he couldn’t keep this up for long. Finally, he ran. Emily told the robots to hold fire, then chased Steven with her lightsaber ignited. Meanwhile, Summer headed for the control panel. There, she contacted Steven to check on his progress. Steven said he was evading Emily, then hung up immediately.

She immediately got to work. Soon enough, she had redirected the controls so the Bow-Tie would spiral into space. It was set to rocket upward in 10 minutes. Because of this, sirens were activated in the facility. Getting to her feet, Emily took Helen with her and they took off in her ship.

Duel With EmilyEdit

Meanwhile, the chase rendered Steven cornered against a bridge. Steven realized it was down to one choice: fight. He ignited his lightsaber, prompting Emily to jump toward his position. Their lightsabers locked together immediately—and then Emily broke the lock and electrocuted Steven. Steven howled in pain as the lightning flowed from Emily’s fingers. Finally, Emily released the beam and held Steven at bladepoint. Confident that Steven was finally dead, Emily cackled.

Just then, Micheal showed up and demanded Emily spare Steven. Dazed, Steven looked up at Micheal as the latter ignited his lightsaber. Accusing Micheal of betrayal, Emily activated her lightsaber and lunged at Micheal. She drove her brother back along the corridor to her office, where Micheal rallied and pulled Emily into a bladelock. Sensing Emily’s incredible power, Micheal realized that he had to give himself completely over to Vaapad in order to survive. As their battle took them towards the center of the room, Helen McKeen made her way to the fight. Fresh from a duel with Anakin Organa, the teenage girl felt as though she could not bear to let Emily meet her death at the hands of the Boy-Team; at least, not before securing Tower Placement School.

As Helen sped through the halls of the Bow-Tie, Emily unleashed a rapid series of unsuccessful attacks against Micheal, and was driven back into the Ceremonial Office by Micheal’s steady offensive march. For Micheal, having given himself completely over to Vaapad, was able to draw on the torrents of dark side energy emanating from his furious opponent like a heat sink. Using Emily’s own power against her, Micheal proved able to match the villainess blow for blow, but realized that even his mastery of Vaapad would result only in an indefinite stalemate. Micheal guided the battle across the office towards the bay window, which was quickly shattered by their missed attacks. As they moved out onto the wind-blown ledge, the duelists engaged in a brief flurry of bladework, but Emily’s slight decrease in speed provided an opening, allowing Micheal to end the bout with a swift kick to the General’s jaw. Emily was thrown off balance, staggering back and dropping her lightsaber as she flailed for balance before retreating against the window frame. Emily had been defeated, and was now at Micheal’s mercy, who held his blade to the antagonist’s throat. At that moment, Helen McKeen appeared, convinced that the girls were fighting for order and justice.

With the antagonist disarmed, Micheal again declared that Emily was under arrest. However, having arrived too late to see the villain’s intent, Helen saw only her helpless friend cowering before Micheal Watson. Micheal declared Emily’s ultimate defeat. In response, Emily hurled a torrent of lightning at her brother. Calling once again on his Vaapad mastery, Micheal just barely managed to catch the lightning on his lightsaber. Emily immediately gave up electrocuting Micheal and she ceased the beam. As this happened, Helen’s conflict reached its peak. The General began begging for mercy.

After Emily ceased her attack, Micheal announced that he had no choice but to eliminate the mutant once and for all. For, having just experienced first hand the true, terrifying depth of Emily’s power, Micheal now saw her as too great a threat to be kept alive. Helen pleaded with him to spare Emily, claiming that Emily fought for the greater good, but Micheal denied this, knowing Helen had been misled. Helen further pressed that killing Emily would result in eternal chaos. But Micheal raised his blade to deliver the killing blow, and Helen, reacting in a moment of despair, cut off the unsuspecting Micheal’s sword hand. Seeing this, Emily immediately unleashed a withering barrage of lightning at the helpless Boy-Team General.

Just then, Andrew rushed inside, but Emily redirected Micheal’s reeling body and slammed him into Andrew, knocking them both toward the door. Andrew finally attempted to carry Micheal, but then collapsed due to exhaustion. Andrew hugged Micheal tightly, horrified at his imminent death. Struggling for breath, Micheal, who knew too well his time was coming, said there was nothing Andrew could do for him. He also apologized for his idea to avenge the girls that began the School War. Andrew hastily forgave him. With his last breaths, Micheal foresaw that Helen would betray Emily. With that, his head fell backward and he died. Andrew began to cry, but then the alarm brought him to urgent focus.


Meanwhile, Summer had grabbed Steven and rushed for their ships. Just as they were about to get on board, Andrew caught up to them. He hitched a ride to Summer’s fighter and they took off for the nearest Boy-Team ship. Inside weapons designer Robert Iego greeted them warmly. Steven declared their victory and they headed for the main ship.

Just as they neared the ship, two enormous booster jets ignited from below the Bow-Tie, sending it rocketing upward and into space. As Robert walked Steven, Summer, and Andrew inside, Jay immediately congratulated them. Anakin congratulated them as well before asking where Micheal Watson was. Andrew replied that Emily had murdered him. Anakin was somewhat disturbed.

However, the war was not over. Although the Bow-Tie was gone, at least half of the girls were not on board. Emily, Helen, and Beethoven were all alive.

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